Whatsapp Testing Consecutive WhatsApp Voice Message

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WhatsApp Voice Message Feature


Facebook-owned Whatsapp has been seen quite active to come up with new Whatsapp updates this year. So, they may soon release the new feature called ‘Consecutive voice messages’ for its Android users. using this feature the user can play voice message automatically if they are in sequence.

The Twitter account named WABetaInfo has given this news as it keeps its eye on the new features of Whatsapp. According to WABetaInfo this new update submitted through the Google Play Beta Program and will play consecutive Whatsapp voice message automatically.

The WhatsApp consecutive voice message feature will surely get the appreciation because it will help to listen to messages conveniently. There are many features that Whatsapp has added in the app to make it more interesting to the users. like picture-in-picture mode, Whatsapp stickers, private reply etc.

These features will add more smoothness when you will run this app on your smartphone. Here we will share information about Whatsapp consecutive voice message feature with you. This will help you to clear your all doubts about this feature.


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Whatsapp Voice Message Download




Whatsapp has lots of features that engage people in this app. There is the feature Whatsapp voice message this help to send audios to your friends. Daily you send and receive many audio and video messages.

To download the audio first, go to the chat screen. There you will get a list of chats and conversation in Whatsapp. Now open the Whatsapp chat and then you will find the audio chat with your friends.

Now you have to click it once and then it will start downloading. After downloading these audios you can share these videos on a different platform.

You will get the share option when you will press and hold on the audio on the top of the screen. With the help of these options, you can share the videos at different platforms.

If you want to forward this audio to someone then you can perform this by clicking on the forward button. This is very easy to download and send videos to friends in this instant messaging app.

This time Whatsapp is going to come with the new feature to help users to listen to this message conveniently. This feature is a Consecutive voice message.


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What Is Consecutive Voice Message?


People love to send Whatsapp voice message to the people in their chatbox. All the Whatsapp users play the messages one by one when they have to listen to the messages. Sometimes this can be an annoying task to click on the play button, again and again, to listen to Whatsapp voice message.

To avoid such problem Whatsapp gets ready to roll out a new feature named as the consecutive voice message.  The Whatsapp voice message feature is really helpful to the users to listen to voice messages. This feature is already available for Whatsapp beta for iOS (v 2.18.100).

All the users will really want to know what the consecutive voice exactly means for them. So, the simple answer is it will play all messages in a row.

From now there is no need to click on the play button, again and again, to listen to the next message. This feature will automatically queue your voice messages.  Whatsapp is also going to add another feature also that is called Group call shortcut.

In this feature, they will add a standalone button for making group calls. In this, you will easily tap the button and select the friends whom you want to call. This feature is also only in the iOS beta version of the app (v2.18.363).


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How this New Feature will Work for Users?




As its name suggest that these Whatsapp voice message will play one after another with the arrival of this new feature. This new feature is the same as the consecutive voice messages feature in iOS.

This feature will work when someone will send you voice messages in a row.  With this feature, all Android users can continuously enjoy listening to voice messages. You will get this feature functional when Whatsapp will detect messages one after another.

This new Whatsapp consecutive voice message feature will surely seek the attention of users because people need this feature form long on their Android smartphone.

According to WeBetaInfo, if users want to play all the messages in sequence then they have to play the first voice note. This will initiate the process and you will able to listen to the voice messages continuously. Whenever one voice note will be ended then Whatsapp will play short audio to inform about the next message. This audio will share that previous message has played and the next one is ready for you. Further WeBatalnfo shared that on 27 November 2018 Whatsapp has delivered all the updates on the beta version. But it does not mean that all Whatsapp Beta for Android users will able to use this.


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Whatsapp Voice Message not working


Many times you feel lots of problem regarding Whatsapp voice message and these include Whatsapp voice message low volume, and unable to listen with Bluetooth earpiece. These are the problems that you can face while using this app.

When you are using Bluetooth earpiece to listen and unable to listen then first unpair it. After this go to setting again to pair it and now you can check that it is playing or not.

If you are finding that volume is slow then just restart and phone and then increase your volume again. These little steps can help you o resume listening to the audios without any issue.


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Brief Overview:


Whatsapp is the instant messaging app and is famous among people of all age. As you already knew that Whatsapp always tries to surprise users with the new features. The new feature consecutive Whatsapp voice message is a really good addition in the app.

This will help people to avoid playing audios again and again. There are many new features that include picture-in-picture mode, Whatsapp stickers, private reply and dark mode.

People love to read more about the Whatsapp updates as well as they are interested in Whatsapp tips and tricks also. You people can check the Whatsapp updates easily on the internet.

If you want early access to the Whatsapp voice message feature then you can try Whatsapp Beta. But try to save your device from bugs as this Whatsapp Beta is known for such crashes and bugs.


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