27 Cool WhatsApp Tips And Tricks Guide 2018

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WhatsApp Tips And Tricks Guide 2018



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1.WhatsApp tricks font


To send creative messages to someone, you can use these WhatsApp tips and tricks.

  • Make your text bold

For this add asterisks (*) to either side of the word.

Like *Bold* = Bold

  • Italic text

For this, you have to use an underscore (_)

Like _word_

  • Strikethrough on WhatsApp

For this, you have to add tildes (~)

Like ~word~

  • Monospace WhatsApp

For this, you have to add ”’ to either side of the word.

like ”’word”’


2.WhatsApp picture tricks


Hide your Profile pic from Others

Do you want to hide your profile pic from a particular person? Here’s you can learn it from a few easy steps to make sure that people stay out of your business.

  1. Just open your WhatsApp account.
  2. Then go to settings->Account->privacy.
  3. Click on the profile picture.
  4. And select nobody.

From this, no one can see your profile picture.

But if you want that it is visible to your contacts then you can select “My Contacts”.


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3.WhatsApp emoji tricks



There’s an emoji(red heart) which is like a flash and it will work only when you send only a red heart icon.




4.WhatsApp Shortcut keys


For WhatsApp web

  1. Ctrl + N = you can start new chat
  2. Ctrl + E = Archive chat
  3. Ctrl + Shift + ] = Next chat
  4. Ctrl + Backspace = Delete
  5. Ctrl + Shift +N = new group
  6. Ctrl + shift + U = mark a message as unread
  7. Ctrl + Shift + M = Mute
  8. Ctrl + Z = Undo
  9. Ctrl + F = Search
  10. Ctrl + A = Select all
  11. Ctrl + X = Cut
  12. Ctrl + V = Paste
  13. Ctrl + P = Open profile status
  14. Alt + F4 = Exit application

5.How To Hide WhatsApp Contact-WhatsApp Contact Not Showing


In Android

  1. first of all open WhatsApp in your phone.
  2. Then tap menu icon and go to Settings.
  3. Go to Account -> Privacy and then you have to select blocked contacts.
  4. When you tap contact icon, there’s a small icon with a plus sign on the left.
  5. Here’s a list will appear and you can select the contact you want to block.

In iPhone

  1. For this open WhatsApp in your phone.
  2. Then go to the main chat screen.
  3. Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Blocked.
  4. After that, you have to tap Add New and select the contact you want to block.


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6.How To Block WhatsApp Group


WhatsApp doesn’t allow us to block a group directly. For this, we have to leave that group or if you don’t want to leave then you can mute that particular group for a time.

  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. Search the group you want to block.
  3. Then tap the name of the group and click on mute.
  4. There are options that you want to mute it for 1 day, 1 week or 1 year.
  5. Select wisely and here’s the group has been muted.

7.WhatsApp Hidden Chat App: GBWhatsApp


For this, you have to install GBWhatsApp.

  1. After installation opens the app.
  2. Then go to that particular chat you wish to hide.
  3. After choosing the chat, click on the three dots on the right top side.
  4. Here’s you can tap on the hide option.
  5. GBWhatsApp asks you to set a new password.
  6. And after all that, your char has hidden.
  7. But now if you want to unhide that chat again then go to the main screen of WhatsApp.
  8. Just tap on the WhatsApp text which is given on the top left side.
  9. Then you have to open the lock pattern.
  10. After this, you can see all your hidden chats.
  11. And to unhide chats, you can select the option “Mark chat as visible”.


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8.WhatsApp Upcoming Updates


As we know that WhatsApp messenger is an end to end encrypted messaging service. Already it has amazing features as compared to other chatting app. So, here we are discussing some upcoming updates of WhatsApp.

Dark Mode

This feature is already available on Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter and coming soon on WhatsApp. Reading messages in dark can be harmful to our eyes. That why WhatsApp is working on this feature.

Swipe to reply

This feature enables you to quickly respond to a message using gesture.




9.Dual WhatsApp Apk-Parallel Space




If you want to use dual WhatsApp Apk in 1 phone. There are some WhatsApp tips and tricks to use multiple accounts in one phone. Here you’ve to follow these steps :

  1. First of all, install WhatsApp from play store.
  2. Then go to phone’s settings and look for clone/dual/twin app and click on it.
  3. And then turn on the toggle for WhatsApp.
  4. Allow WhatsApp to access your files and contacts.
  5. After this app will ask your number, You have to give your second number.
  6. And else you can use parallel space for dual WhatsApp in the phone.

10. Now You Can Read WhatsApp Messages Without The Sender Finding It Out


  1. Just turn on the flight mode on your mobile.
  2. Read the sender’s message
  3. And then turn on the flight mode again.
  4. From this, no blue ticks will appear and the sender WhatsApp he/she will not know that you have read their WhatsApp message.

11.No More Typing Needed To Send Message Through WhatsApp


  1. All you’ve to click on the mic icon appears on the keyboard
  2. Then just talk your message.
  3. And it will be automatically get typed as you speak.


download iTunes for Windows

12. You Can Use WhatsApp Without Any Phone Number


Now you can use WhatsApp without any number by some WhatsApp tips and tricks. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you’ve to Uninstall WhatsApp fonyour mobile.
  2. Then download WhatsApp messenger from play store.
  3. After that turn the flight mode on.
  4. Then download and install spoof messages app from the play store.
  5. And it will not be able to verify you through the internet.
  6. This will prompt you to select aan lternate SMS Method.
  7. Now select check through SMS and then enter your email address.
  8. Immediately without waiting for any more time click on cancel and authorization process will stop.
  9. After that open, the spoof messaging app and enter below details.
To: +447900347295
From: +(Country code)(mobile number)
Message: Email address
From this, you can start using WhatsApp.

13.WhatsApp Display Name


Many users don’t know that they can change their display name as they want. Here is some step to do this:


  1. Open your WhatsApp account.
  2. Click on the menu button and then go to settings.
  3. Then you’ve to tap your display picture.
  4. Click on your current display name.
  5. Here you can type the new name you wish as your display name.


  1. For iPhone, you’ve to open WhatsApp in your phone.
  2. Then tap on setting in the bottom right corner.
  3. After this, you have to click on your name at the top of the screen.
  4. Then click on your current display name.
  5. Here you can type a name you want as your display name.
  6. After all this, you’ve to click on ‘done’.


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14.How To Hack Someone’s WhatsApp-WhatsApp Hack




Sometimes you want to hack someone’s WhatsApp for some reasons. It can be your close friend, your children or anyone.

So here are some WhatsApp tips and tricks that enable you to hack someone’s WhatsApp. You can read their conversation and much more.

  1. Just take your friend’s phone for just one minute on which you want to hack.
  2. After this you have to go to settings -> About phone -> Status and then Wi-Fi MAC address.
  3. Then note down the mac address.
  4. You have to keep the phone with you for a few more minutes.
  5. After this go to your phone and install parallel space and create and add WhatsApp in it.
  6. Now you’ve to change your Mac id to your friend’s one by spoofing mac.
  7. After this WhatsApp will send the code to your friend’s phone.
  8. Just see the verification code from your friend’s phone and verify your WhatsApp.
  9. From this, you can have installed an exact replica of your friend’s WhatsApp. Now you can track his/her phone. This trick is too useful for parents and lovers and please do not use it for an illegal purpose.


15.How To Know That Your Messages Has Been Read In Group


Sometimes you want to know that who read your messages in the group. So here you can see them by following these steps :

  1. After clicking that particular message you have to click on three vertical dots on the top right corner of your inbox.
  2. And there click on Info and you can see who has seen your messages in the group.

16.How To Stop Everyone From Knowing That You Read Their Messages


From this trick, no one can find out you read their message or not. Here you can hide someone else read the notification.

  1. For this, you’ve to tap three vertical dots icon on the top right corner of your screen in WhatsApp.
  2. Then Settings -> Account -> Privacy.
  3. After this uncheck read receipt.

But the disadvantage is that even you can’t see that anyone read your message or not.

17.WhatsApp Star Message


In a lot of messages, to find out a particular message is really a tough task for us. To solve this problem we tell you new WhatsApp tricks for android.

  1. For this, you just have to long press to the particular message and mark it as starred.
  2. From this, you can find it anytime easily by clicking on three vertical dots on the top right corner and click on starred messages.

18. Save Data Usage


If you want to avoid expensive data bills. WhatsApp has a feature to pause media downloads from this WhatsApp stops auto downloads. From this, you can easily save your mobile data by downloading only important files.

19.Lock Your WhatsApp With A PIN

Now you can lock your WhatsApp with two-step verification two prevent your privacy from others.

20.Extend WhatsApp Expiry Date


First of all, you have to check WhatsApp expiry date :

  1. Open your WhatsApp account.
  2. Then go to Settings->account->payment information.
  3. Here you can extend your WhatsApp expiry date.

To extend the expiry date. Follow the given steps;

  1. First of all, open your WhatsApp application.
  2. Then go to settings.
  3. Select an account and click on change my number.
  4. Click next and enter you’re another phone number.
  5. Complete its verification process.
  6. And here you go. now you can enjoy with the extended expiry date.

21.How To Change WhatsApp Chat Background


How To Change WhatsApp Chat background


To change WhatsApp chat background you’ve to follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on Menu key.
  2. Then go to settings.
  3. Click on chat settings.
  4. Then tap on android system and select your favorite picture from the gallery.

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22.How To Send WhatsApp Message To All Contacts


Here you can learn how to a message to multiple contacts at a single time. WhatsApp enables broadcast only to those people who have your contact saved in their phone.

This for ensuring that this feature is not used for spamming. So here are some steps to broadcast your message:

  1. Open your WhatsApp account.
  2. Click on the menu button and open the main menu.
  3. Choose New broadcast.
  4. Then tap on the plus sign(+) to choose contacts whom you want to send the message.
  5. Click on Done and then tap on create.
  6. From this WhatsApp will open the message screen with all the selected contacts.
  7. Now you have to type the message and send it.

23.WhatsApp Live Location




WhatsApp live location feature enables you to share real-time location with your friends. You can share it with a particular person or to with the group.

For this you have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you’ve to go to your phone’s setting and go to app permission.
  2. Then go to the location and turn on location permissions.

Here you can control how long you want to share your live location. It depends on you that you want to share your real-time live location or just share from a particular point.

This is an end to end encrypted which means that no one can see your live location expect those with whom you’ve shared.

For this:

  1. Open WhatsApp of the specific person with whom you want to share your location.
  2. Then tap Attach->location->share->live location.
  3. Here you can select the time period you want to share your location. It will stop being shared after that time period.
  4. Click on send.

24.How To Freeze Last Seen On WhatsApp


WhatsApp last seen is which tells when the user was online at the last time. So WhatsApp provides you the feature to freeze your last seen that is you don’t want to reply to someone’s message. He/she can’t blame you on the basis on your WhatsApp last seen.

It is categorized into three types:


Information will be visible to all your contacts.

2.My contacts:

Only visible to your saved contacts.


It means nobody can see your last seen. So it depends on you which one you like.




  1. Open your WhatsApp and go to menu and tap on 3 dot symbol on the top right corner.
  2. Go to settings -> privacy
  3. Then you see last seen under who can see my personal info.
  4. You can tap on it and select one from-Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody.
  5. And here you go. Your last seen has been hidden.

25.How To Send Gifs On WhatsApp


In 2017 the company started enabling users to send GIFs. We provide you some WhatsApp tips and tricks. For this, you just have an updated version of WhatsApp.

  1. For this, you’ve to open your WhatsApp chat with that particular person you want to send GIF. after this you’ve to click on the + icon in the bottom left.
  2. Select photo and video library.
  3. If the GIF is already saved in your gallery you can send it directly otherwise you can also turn videos into GIFs from any editor.
  4. Or if you want search GIFs online than there’s a GIF button in the bottom left where you have millions of choice.
  5. The type what you want to search and you will get those particular GIfs and enjoy.

26.How To Send Your Conversation Via Email


Store the content on an external medium is a good idea. For this you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the chat window of that chat you want to save.
  2. Then open the context menu and click on More, then you will find send chat by email.
  3. And that’s all. Now you can send the conversation to anyone you want to share.

27.How To Send Photos From PC Via WhatsApp


To send photos or messages from pc via WhatsApp you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Just go to //www.whatsappweb.com/ in your web browser. It just needs to scan your WhatsApp code.
  2. This will sign you into  WhatsApp on the PC.
  3. Here you can open the conversations and send or receive messages.
  4. and here you can send photos your computer’s gallery.


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