Top SEO Company in India

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Why We Need SEO Companies in India

Thousands of SEO companies claim that they are best in the market to bring potential customers to your business. This is the reason people get confused to choose the right option. If you don’t have the best SEO company in India then it will send your potential customers down the street. Yes, it is quite tedious to come up with a list of top SEO companies in India. But still, I have tried to compile the name of companies who works well in this field.

Losing your potential customers without SEO will lead you to loss of revenue. This will take you toward less growth of your business in the long term.

So keeping in the mind the overall effectiveness of SEO and based on my share of experience there is the list of the top 10 SEO companies in India. Without any further ado let’s dive into it.

Top 10 SEO Companies in India



Skenix is the efficiently growing company that is providing great services to their clients. They work according to your vision, value, and based on your customer’s requirements.

To understand your requirement they understand everything about your business from every angle.

They invest in innovation and they try to bring new possibilities to their customers. Their real and innovative way to understand the process makes them unique in the market.

  • Location: Gujrat

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Kreative Machinez

Kreative Machinez works toward more visibility and profitability of your business. This is the best choice for you if you want someone who meets deadlines always.

They promise their customers with conversions as well as revenues. To grow in the digital landscape is not that easy but Keative Machinez won’t be difficult anymore. 

 However, they charge a little more but there work is worth paying. This is one of the best top 10 SEO companies in India.

  • Location: Kolkata

Oranks Infotech

Oranks Infotech has been providing the best services to their customers. In the world of marketing, they are rising day by day because of the new technologies and leading toward effortless search engines.

They are dominated, as well as advanced strategies will surely help you, people, to bud online in this new era of science and technology. this is the best SEO company in India.


From around 11 years they are serving their customers with valuable work. They have a team of 95 professionally skilled SEO consultants who are delivering quality work.

This is the top SEO Company in India. They are known for their experience as well as expertise. Apart from India, they have a strong presence in different countries that include USA, UK, Australia, Canada and the rest of Asia.


Their unique global service infrastructure is allowing them to provide exceptional services to their customers. However, This Company is still in a growing phase in the market.

But their quality work will surely take them to another level in the market. They are providing good quality work to the customers that are affordable too.

Location: Gurgaon


RaleCon is another top SEO company in India. They are working for different clients and covering different sectors.

They not only serving the global corporation but also working with small businesses. They work with only one goal to enhance the online presence of the customers and seeking more potential customers.

This company has formed in 2012 only. However, they are not very old but still, because of their positive efforts, they connected with many clients.

They are serving clients with quality work in India as well as many other countries including Canada, Belgium, and Bangladesh. Their charges are a little higher but it’s worth paying because of their quality work. 


IceCube Digital

They are providing quality work to their customers with technical, skilled, and experienced professionals. They don’t believe in making promises but believe in fulfilling your requirements immediately.

For a small business, they work wonderfully in SEO service. Their fairly good professionals are a commitment to their work.

This is the result-oriented web design company that led customers toward profit only. You just need to collaborate with them to get the best SEO services. They are providing SEO services since 2009. 

  • Location: Ahmedabad

Email: [email protected]


It doesn’t matter that you are an established business or just an SME you need SEO in every case. For better visibility and profitability you need SEO services.

This helps you to reach your potential customers. It has started in 2014 and since they are serving customers with great services. 

Their bright and passionate minds bring unique ideas to lift your business to the next level. it good idea to choose this company for the best SEO services in India. 

  • Location: Mumbai

SEO Tech Experts

They promise endless opportunities as well as great chances to enhance your online visibility. and provide you with complete digital marketing services for great performance in the long run.

They provide you different services that include increase visibility, generate leads, online leads, engage the audience, improve goodwill, and create awareness. This is one of the top 10 SEO companies in India.

Capital Numbers

This company is emerging strongly in Kolkata but it is not a traditional SEO company. They called them the “outsourcing company”. Its large team, as well as infrastructure, makes it the best choice for the customers. This company is the best choice for short duration projects.  

They are serving several brands, SMEs, and digital agencies. They work hard and affordable way to seek more business for your brand. 

Conclusion-Top SEO Company in India

There are no hard facts associated with this list. This is all based on personal opinion and personal experience.  You can take the help of this list. But it’s always important to do your research to get your own top SEO Company in India.

You can make your list and then according to the collected information you can call them to enquire about them. You can choose accordingly to get a better SEO service.

Hope this list will lead you toward making the best decision.

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