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Poketrack Apk: Pokemon G0 Tracker 2019


It is official that Pokemon GO Gen 4 is going to be there soon. The official message on the Pokemon website reads. ‘Your Pokemon Go Adventures is about to get even bigger when Pokemon that were originally discovered in the Sinnoh region arrive in the game.’ ‘Stock up on Poke Balls, Berried, and Lure Modules, and tighten up the laces on your favorite walking shoes, because a whole lot more Pokemon are out there waiting to be discovered!’ This message surely means as a Pokemon player you need to have the Poketrack Apk to catch them before your friends do.

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Poketrack Apk



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To find the Pokemon Poketrack Apk is one of the best android best trackers in the market. Most important of all the Poketrack Apk is free. It downloads fast and easy to understand, thereby making it quite user-friendly.

The app refreshes itself relatively fast. Thus allowing the user to see all the other Pokemon players that are in the nearby area. Poketrack Apk uses Google Maps, to show the of Pokemon hideouts.

The app uses Google Maps they show the nearby locality landmarks. This allows the user to identify the Pokemon hideouts with respect to the landmarks. For catching rare Pokemon’s, Poketrack also allows the player to set up lures and notifications for their arrival.

The Android-based Pokemon Trackers Poketrack is also available as a web version.


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Some of the best features of Poketrack Apk are:

  1. The app uses multiple scanners to track the Pokemon.
  2. Option to use a filter to get a Pokemon notification.
  3. The user has the option to set the notification based on the distance of the locality in meters.
  4. Pokemon in the vicinity can be identified in the map.
  5. A user also has the option of sharing the location of Pokemon with friends.




Download Latest Poketrack Apk For Android (2019)


In July 2016 people went gung-ho over the launch of the Pokemon GO, however, it encountered a certain users’ problems. To rectify issues and bugs with the Pokemon Go they launched the 0.57.4 Apk.

It had quite a few features that made it special. But Niantic realized that despite launching their new versions there are third-party apps.

These apps were fairing better than their own apps for Pokemon Go. As a result, they have started banning payers using third-party apps for Pokemon Go.

Despite the issue and getting a legal notice from Niantic Poketrack is one of the best Pokemon tracker apps for Pokemon GO. Poketrack is not affiliated to Niantic, Nintendo or Pokemon GO yet it is the sought after app for  Pokemon players.

The Poketrack Apk and Pokemon Go were launched in the same year and Poketrack Apk released its version PokeTrack 4.18.4 Apk for Android. It notifies about the nearby Pokemon the app keeps using the user’s location with Google Map. The app continues to run in the background tracking the Pokemon all the time.

Furthermore, it allows the user to set filters for receiving the alerts about the Pokemon they want to capture. It is one of the few apps that use multiple scanners to scan the location.

This makes the scanning faster than most apps available in the market. The app is quite easy to use and download. Users can download Pokemon Apk directly from several online vendors.


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Downloading Steps Poketrack 6.17:


  • Open Google Play Store or the webpage.
  • Click the link
  • It will take the user to the Poketrack website and click on a ‘Download now!’ key.
  • A warning message appears ‘This type of file can harm your device. Do you want to keep poketrack.apk anyway?’ Click on the ‘Ok’ button.
  • After the download, click on the option ‘INSTALL’ button
  • After installing the app click on OPEN.
  • Next, the user can go ahead and set the Alarm radius, update interval, scan radius and other add-ons.


Latest Version:  Poketrack 6.17

  • File Size: 8.5 MB
  • Minimum: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean, API 18)
  • Updated: December 13, 2017
  • By: PokéTrack


Setting Of Poketrack Apk




All one needs to do it after downloading it is to enable the location system for the app. Next, enter the name of the locality under the ‘Location Search (Google)’. After the location has been identified the user should select from the menu ‘GPS Service Run’, ‘GPS Service Pause’ or ‘Add to favorites’.

Select ‘GPS Service Run’ this will take the player to the next set of menu. From there the player can select between  ‘Fixed location Mode’, ‘JoyStick Location Mode’ and ‘JoyStick Location Mode – (Pokemon). It is advised to select the last option.


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Advance Feature Of Poketrack Apk


After that, select a Pokemon and see where it is. On the screen, the icon of Google Map will appear. It will automatically show you the distance to the Pokemon character from your location and other details about the Pokemon character.

With the Poketrack Apk, the user can identify or set location by the latitude and longitude. This hence provides the user with an accurate area. Furthermore, with the app, the user can feed and allure the Pokemon characters.


Pokemon Go Tracker 2019


poketrack apk-maps


Download Pokémon GO

Apart from Poketrack Apk, there are several other Pokemon trackers that will be quite popular in 2019.

After Niantic and Pokemon Company forced a ban on third-party Pokemon trackers and maps there are few that players can download without getting banned.

These third-party apps do not require the Pokemon GO account details of the player.

  • PokeFind: The app is available on Android, iOS, and web. This allows the user to find certain Pokemon and shows their positions on Google Maps. However, in this app, the locations of the Pokemon are not always accurate. Since the information gathered about the character is from the crowd. But this is a free app and runs on crowdfunding.


  • Pokehunter: One of the best available Pokemon Go trackers in the market. This is a web-based app that gives the exact location and direction to find the Pokemon. It best suits those who are curious about what Pokemon is around them.


  • PokeFetch: It is not a sleek app with pretty looking maps, but it does quite a good job of finding Pokemon. With the app, the user can search or hover over any location, even the actual physical location. Then when the need is they can activate the arrow button.


  • GO Map: It is not exactly a very updated map or tracker. But it is good for those who are just starting the Pokemon Go and needs to get the first 150.


Despite the bans, these Pokemon Go trackers are going to stay in the coming year. Moreover, some of the top ones can even launch their new versions.


3 Best Pokemon Tracker


Regardless of whether you’re hopping back in after months away or haven’t quit playing Pokemon Go since dispatch, you’re most likely hoping to get whatever number of the 80 new Generation 2 Pokemon as could be expected under the circumstances.

Unfortunately, Niantic hosts been closing down third-gathering trackers left and directly in the course of recent months, however, there are as yet a couple of extraordinary applications accessible on iOS and Android to enable you to find the new Pokemon.

As a matter of fact, these applications don’t exactly satisfy the benchmarks of the absolute most punctual Pokemon trackers (before Niantic began breaking down), however, they ought to carry out the responsibility.

It’s likewise important that these applications include in-application buys to either expel promotions or to include extra highlights.





At last, an approach to see precisely where Pokémon are covering up in Pokémon Go! Finish with channels and foundation notices.



– Interactive map indicating exact Pokemon areas

– View the areas of Gyms and PokeStops including controlling group and baits.

– Touch a pokemon to see its name, insights concerning its area, share it with companions and get bearings

– Notifications when a Pokemon produce adjacent – regardless of whether Poke-tracker is out of sight

– Filter the map to shroud Pokemon you have just gotten


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Output for Pokemon continuously and see them on a map, all from your gadget! Look over to the 2000m sweep to discover each Pokemon that is stowing away adjacent.

PokeSensor gives you a chance to check a region for Pokemon, demonstrating to you the correct area of each Pokemon. You can either filter your ebb and flow area, long-press a point on the map to examine from that point or scan for an area utilizing the local pursuit include.



• Scan for close-by Pokemon from ANY area

• See IVs of all Pokemon on the map

• Customize check separation and sweep speed

• Pinpoint all Pokemon in an output zone

• Scan up to the 1000m span

• Search for any area to check from it, or long-push on the map to move your stick

• Clean, local interface and simple controls

Note that Pokemon Go doesn’t give us legitimate despawn times for Pokemon any longer except if that time is under 90 seconds. Rather, the Pokemon will check up to 30 minutes and will at that point vanish from the map. This gives you a harsh thought of to what extent the Pokemon has been there.


PokéFind/GO Tools



PokéFind is a publicly supported, intuitive map for Pokémon Go! We likewise give apparatuses to ensure you have the most grounded set of Pokémon with our CP and IV mini-computers.

Need to get some uncommon Pokémon in Pokémon GO? Utilize our device to discover them through client submitted sightings. We have more than 10,000,000 submitted Pokémon areas.



– CP/Evolution Calculator: Find out your Pokémon’s CP before advancing it to ensure it merits the confections!

– IV Calculator: discover how impeccable your Pokémon is

– The map that demonstrates all pokemon, exercise centers, and Pokestops around you. We have added a framework to where you can channel just pokemon that are still near. Lapsed pokemon will be marginally straightforward. We trust these new highlights give precise information to enable you to chase down the pokemon you need!


How To Activate Pokemon Go Pokemon Tracker?


After downloading and installing the Pokemon GO pokemon tracker the user is required to set up the app. That is entering the locality, notifications for Pokemon, the radius for catching Pokemon and setting up lures to attract them.

The next steps that as a player one needs to follow is to activate it. Then only they can catch Pokemon with the help of the pokemon tracker.


  • Open the Pokemon Go Tracker: The tracker is located on the right-hand corner bottom. On opening, there can be up to nine Pokemon and the player can decide which ones to track. Once the tracking of the Pokemon is selected the app continues to track it even after closing the menu. This allows the player to view the progress of the Pokemon.


  • Paw print counting: A player can measure the distance between a Pokemon and himself/herself by counting the paw prints. It starts from zero to three. As the player goes near the Pokemon the paw prints ‘ number decreases. If it disappears altogether that means the Pokemon will pop-up nearby.


  • Open tracker gives edge: While hunting the Pokemon some players often close the tracker that might actually not be that helpful. But if the player keeps the tracker open s/he can see the position of the Pokemon. If the Pokemon is climbing up on the 3×3 grid on the left side of the screen the player should understand that he/she is near the Pokemon and in the right direction.


  • The method of elimination: When looking for a Pokemon try the triangulation method. In this method, the player needs to walk towards a direction that does not increase the paw prints. Also, not go in the direction where suddenly disappears from the screen. The minute either of the two happens the player needs to turn and head in another direction. Go towards the direction that lowers the paw prints. This method works best with a group of players when each moves in a different direction to track Pokemon.


Pokemon GO Is Still Going Strong




Though many countries had banned Pokemon GO for various reasons according to Niantic it is still going strong. It has seen a significant rise to 35 percent increase among Pokemon Go players from May 2018.

Niantic’s introduction to ‘Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!’ and ‘Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee!’ has given a significant boost to attract more players.

These new extensions give some added incentives to the players. The trading features that were launched resulted in 113 million friends connection. The option of trading monsters has increased the interest among the Pokemon Go players.


Adventure Sync In Pokemon Go!


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Poketrack: Overview


As Pokemon GO is here to stay despite the controversies and the ban, so do the Pokemon Go trackers. In spite of the Niantic’s ban on the third party Pokemon tracker, the apps will continue to thrive.

The most popular for Android is the Poketrack Apk. It has a whole lot of features that only augments the player’s experience. With latest versions, the tracker seems to be faster and accurate for catching Pokemon.

So once the player decides to play Pokemon GO, Poketrack Apk is the best option. One just needs to download and follow some elementary steps to get started and catch Pokemon.







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