New & Improved Version Of The Google My Business

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New & Improved Version Of The Google My Business

Google has announced the new version of a Google My Business app for all the marketers and small business holders. All the improvements that users will get in the new version enable the business owners to work with ease. The business owners will able to get customer visibility in an improved way with this upgradation. There are many new interesting capabilities that can help users in many positive ways in the updated version of the Google My Business app.

From the past, Google kept its eye on all the users that were using the previous version of the Google My Business app and on their feedback. They observed the users deeply and accordingly they added new features to it.

These all improvements can enhance the ease to use it for all the marketers. You can check below what you are going to get from these new features.


Why Use the Google My Business App?

You can say that Google My Business app (GMB) plays a vital role for all the business owners and marketers. With the help of this tool, any business owner can update their business information on Google.

This is also very helpful for making an online presence and this will lead you to engage with the interested or potential customers and also to attract them toward your business.

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Here you will get to know that what is new in Google My Business App:

  • Upgraded business profile editor.
  • Get access to business profile and information related to customers quickly.
  • Available option of the creation of Google posts and can also upload photos.
  • It also provides an option to interact and also shows customers information to the business holder.
  • If users will opt for the expose profiles then it will show to you who is following the business.
  • From Maps and search, you will able to see customers’ messages.



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Here are the details

Post Button:

There is a newly added post button in this Google My Business app. This will help business holders to upload their photos there.

They will also able to create Google posts or any offer to customers. This post button will allow them to upload all this information on Google to the Business profile.


Bottom Navigation Bar:

Everyone wants a service that is quick without wasting their precious time. With the help of the new bottom navigation bar business owner can access the customer information and their business profile quickly. This option will avoid wasting your precious time.


Customers Tab:

As its name suggests customers tab will provide information regarding customers. This time all the users will get Customers tab in an improved way.

Here you will able to see the customer messages. This will help you to interact with the customers and to give them the right response.

You will also able to see the booking requests and reviews in the updated version. You can see and respond to customer messages, reviews, and booking requests with this option.



Previously there was no option about notifications about the new connection. But in the new version, you will able to get the notification when you will get the new customer connection. This new option will notify about the new connection that business owner will get.


download its App for Android or iOS from Google Play Store or from the App Store


Follow Tab:

There is also a Follow Tab that will help you to disclose the profiles of the people that are following you. This will be done if users opt the option to expose their profile to others.


Message Tab:


With the help of this message tab business owner can give their response to users within the app. This option will show messages of customers to business holders.



With the help of the improved Analytics option, all the business owners will able to know the information about the audience. They will able to know about the connection of people. With this, they can check that how many people are interested in their business.

This option will also tell about the searches about their business that how many people are searching for them.  They are also going to make this option more prominent for users.

In addition to it, they will get a simplified view of it. This can be expanded for all the detailed information.


All the users will able to get these new features for their mobile version but these are not available for general GMB(Google My Business).


What are plus real-time notifications?

With the updated version of Google My Business app, all the business owners would able to get real-time notifications about followers, reviews, and messages. Previously there was no option like this that can notify you about any new connection.

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Where it’s headed

All the local consumers and small business holder need an engaging platform. This is the reason Google came up with this tool to provide an engagement platform.

All the users use the Google My Business app effectively. There are a lot more features that Google could try in Google My Business app.

There are some ideas that people want to see in Google My Business app to make this app more interactive and these ideas could be:


  • Google will surely become lite CRM tool in future for all small businesses.
  • All the business owners or app users would surely want to communicate with their audience in the future. This can be used to bestowing rewards or special offers to consumers. This will help to make a strong online presence and to create a loyal platform for consumers.
  • The post option could become more interactive in the future. Users could generate more followers by offering an incentive through this option. The business owners can also directly interact with the users with the help of this option in the future.
  • People also want to see Q&A notifications as well as response capabilities to Google My Business app in near future.


These are the ideas that people are expecting to get more benefits to the business owner. They are hoping that GMB will surely get fulfilled with these new interactive capabilities in the future.

These are just ideas and speculation but Google is not declared that anything like this can be added in Google My Business app in future Capabilities and features.


What matters to marketers?

You will able to see the huge evolution in GMB as compare to previous versions. This app previously only allows you to put only basic information on Google but with passing time it has well settled “engagement platform”. This platform allows you to check the reputation and to observe customers engagement.

As we all know that Google Maps and search is getting advanced gradually over the past years. Google My Business app is also getting advanced in a similar way to Google Maps.


All the business owners need proper engagement with the Google My Business app because it is the best platform for small businesses as well.

It is leading in reputation and also is the best online reviews platform. They need to actively engage in it to claim the percentage of the business profiles that are unverified.


A Brief Overview

The newly added features in Google My Business app helps the business owner to interact with users easily and quickly. With the help of this, they also can manage to list conveniently.

This upgrade version has the best interactive capability than the previous version.

The business owners are still expecting something more from Google in near future. But till now small businesses will surely enjoy the newly added features in Google My Business app.



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