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Live streaming films-Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu


Top 10 Best Live Streaming Films Site 2018




Live streaming films are one of the ways of entertainment of 2018. Netflix is a streaming service which has a huge collection of live streaming films and television programs. It has a huge variety of series, movies and you can enjoy a lot of other things. Netflix updated every month that can be TV shows or movies.

It started 20 years ago, as it was a subscription-based DVD service. Basically, it would deliver DVDs to your home and then in 2007 it launched its live streaming films service and now become the biggest name in the entertainment world.

Netflix is based on video-on-demand service. In 2018 has 130 million subscribers in over 190 countries. Its headquarters are located in Albright way, California, United States, and Los Gatos. Other offices are in India, Brazil, South Korea, and the Netherlands and Japan.

In recent days it started producing its original content investing in series like orange in the new black, House of cards,  Luke cage and Stranger things. It also distributes the contents of Dream works,  Warner Bros, Walt Disney studios and the 20th-century fox.

2.Amazon prime



Basically, it is an internet video on demand service. From Amazon prime, you can get access to the latest and exclusive TV shows and Amazon Live streaming films and shows with millions of songs. You can enjoy from the web with the prime video on up to three devices at once. Here you can watch the most popular shows on offline on the prime video when you download to your android phone, iPad, tablet or iPhone.

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Hulu is an American entertainment company which provides you over the top media services. hulu is the second watched streaming service in the US. The biggest change in Hulu takes place in may 2017 when it jumps into live TV which is a completely separate service.


Viewstar provides a wide collection of anime, movies, web shorts and more. It’s a global video on demand service founded in 2007. And the best thing is to watch series and movies on Viewstar you don’t require registration. It offers you live streaming films. Viewstar has a collection of more than 12,000 titles which includes classics, comedy, anime, independent films and many more. And the number of titles vary from country to country.


Popcornflix is one of the top 10 live streaming films sites of 2018. Popcornflix offers free ad-supported streaming video owned by Screen Media Ventures. It conceived in 2010 and went into live beta in 2011. Popcornflix includes independent feature films from screen media library. This is currently accessible in the US and Canada.

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6.Sony Crackle

Sony crackle is a website that provides you live streaming films available in 21 countries. It’s a US-based subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment. It is accessible on Android, tablet, iPhone, iPad, and desktop. Originally it was named as grouper and then renamed crackle and now officially it is Sony Crackle.


HBO GO is a TV everywhere service provided by American premium cable network HBO and only available in the US. HBO GO is a video on demand service which includes live streaming films, sporting events, series and much more.


It’s an American content delivery service which includes full-length movies over the internet. Vudu was launched in 2010 by Walmart.Walmart is an E-commerce marketplace


Basically, Yidio is a video aggregator which collects contents from multiple subscription-based video streaming providers. Yidio allows users to watch the content from a single interface. Basically, it aims to resolve the problems of multiple platforms as it gathers all the contents at one platform.



Hotstar is an India’s largest premium service launched in 2015 by Star India owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. Hotstar offers video on demand services which is available on Andriod, iOS, Web and Apple TV.popular for the live streaming films, live cricket, and shows.

Best Shows On Netflix, Amazon Prime, And Hulu

1.Best Netflix Original Movies :

1.The Meyerowitz Stories:

The Meyerowitz stories are the best Netflix original movie of 2017. the Meyerowitz it’s an American dark comedy-drama film. directed and written by Noah Baumbach. and critics praised Baumbach’s script and direction as well as the performances of Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and other star casts.

Produced by: ‎IAC FILMS; Scott Rudin
Distributed by‎: ‎Netflix
Music: ‎Randy Newman
Edited by‎: ‎Jennifer Lame
2. Stranger things

Stranger things is a thrilling drama inspired by a tale of science fiction. It’s about a 12-year-old boy will go missing then her mother launched a terrifying investigation. During this investigation, they unravel extraordinary mysteries involving Supernatural forces, secret government experiments, and a strange little girl.

3. Orange is the new black

It’s an American comedy-drama web series contains 78 total episodes. Which is about a prisoner that how toughness of prison changes her drastically.

4. House of cards

House of cards is about a Democrat Frank Underwood who seek revenge on the people who betrayed him. Basically, it’s a political thriller web series of 5 seasons.

5. The crown

The crown is a historical drama based on an award-winning play named “The Audience” by Peter Morgan. This shows the life of Elizabeth from 1940 to modern times. It contains a total of 20 episodes.

Mudbound, Imperial Dreams, Tallulah, Spectral, Bright …


 2.Best Amazon Prime Series:

1. The Americans

The Americans is a thriller television series which is about two Russian spies who are married to each other residing in Washington in order to spy on the American government.

2. The wire

The Wire is a very popular American crime drama series created by former police reporter David Simon. It contains total 5 seasons. The wire is about a Detective James McNulty who lives in a city of Baltimore investigates crimes with his team and try to solve bridges between law enforcement agencies and drug kingpins.

3. The night manager

The night manager is based on John le Carre’s novel is a crime drama series about the work of former British soldier Jonathan Pine.

4. The Nightmare

It’s an American documentary film by Rodney Ascher in which eight people experience sleep paralysis.

5. Mr. Robot

It’s a techno-thriller about a younger programmer works as a cybersecurity agent.

3.Best New Shows On Hulu:

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

It’s an American dystopian drama web series that is created by Bruce Miller. It is based on a novel written by Margaret Atwood. This is the story of life in the dystopia of Gilead is ruled by a twisted fundamentalism in its militarized.

2. The path

This is an American drama web series that was created by Jessica Goldberg. This is about a group of people and their dealings with fictional religion.

3. Casual

casual premiered on 7th oct. 2015 on Hulu. It’s about a single mother living with her brother and daughter. The dynamic between the three characters is unlike any you ever have seen. This is one of the best comedy on the television.

4. Future man

It is an American comedy series. This is about a video game obsessed janitor who is called upon to rescue the world. This season consists of thirteen episodes.

5. The wrong mans

It’s a British television series co-produced with online television provider Hulu.

How To Get A Free Subscription On Netflix: Netflix Free Trial

It offers a free trial of one month which you update, downgrade or cancel anytime as you want. Here you can begin with these steps:

  1. Either open the link on your computer or you can open Netflix app on your mobile.
  2. Then you have to click join free for a month.
  3. and Then you have to sign up for Netflix account with your username and password.
  4. After registration, you can select the payment method and then enter the payment details.
  5. Now you can go for your free trial and watch unlimited movies and shows as you want. And you can avoid paying fees by canceling the subscription at the end of the month.

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OnePlus 6T Review,Launch Date,Price,News,Spec

Some free Netflix and amazon prime account

Username / Email: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

Username / Email: [email protected]
Password: technoclub123

Username / Email: no[email protected]
Password: [email protected]

Username / Email: [email protected]
Password: tera_baap420

Username / Email: [email protected]
Password: aniksingal79

Username / Email: [email protected]
Password: chal_nikal_ve

Username / Email: daddy’[email protected]
Password: Mylovly_papa

Username / Email: [email protected]
Password: @jai_mahakal

Comparison Between Netflix, amazon prime and hulu


7.1 Amazon Prime Vs Netflix

Amazon Prime and Netflix are two biggest sites in subscription video on demand. Amazon started in 1994 by Jeff Bezos initially an online bookstore. Similarly, Netflix has been launched by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997. The DVD by rental service going to disrupt traditional video rental shops. After some time the company introduce streaming with its international expansion started in 2010. It provides you live streaming films. Amazon launched it’s rival service prime instant videos the following year. In 2013 both amazon Netflix launch their original series that is ALPHA house and House of cards available exclusively to each services subscribers.

Netflix price Rs. 500 for basic, Rs. 650 for standard and Rs. 800 for premium whereas amazon prime comes at cheapest price i.e. Rs 999 for a year.

7.2 Netflix Vs Hulu

Let’s talk about Netflix first, so Netflix is an online streaming service that you stream all TV shows, movies and so much more. Netflix updated every month getting new shows and movies. Recently it is making original series that is made by, produced by and funded by Netflix.  Netflix charges $7.99 per month giving you the access of all the TV show at standard definition. By paying $9.99/month which gives you the access to HD options and streaming two devices at a time. And by paying $11.99/month gives you the access of HD and Ultra HD and also 4 screens at a time.

Now talk about Hulu . It provides you with new shows and live streaming films as they come out. Hulu archive TV shows and movies like Netflix but it focus on the newest episodes. you can find the best movies on Hulu.  Like Netflix provides you season one to five but Hulu provides you only fifth season. Hulu also recently join the original series putting out shows like rocket jump in the mini project but collection is too small. As quantity is small, quality is just as good. Let’s talk about pricing of Hulu, it charges $7.99/month with the commercial which gives to all the Hulu TV shows and originals. But they add $4 package for no commercials which means $11.9/month.

7.3 Amazon Prime Vs Hulu

Amazon prime includes deeper movie library than show library. You get free shipping in this. Amazon instant video comes included with your Amazon prime member. There’s also a feature of Amazon prime free video streaming. As you already know that amazon prime gives you free shipping and a lot of stuff that Amazon offers. If you’re regularly ordering on Amazon it’s $99 a year so if you’re taking advantage of the free offers that come out to be less than $9/ month. Where you also get prime, you get music service and a lot more.

Hulu plus is the advanced and the upgraded subscription from the free service which only allows you to pretty much watch your favorite shows. Even you can watch the best new shows on Hulu free. When you subscribe ii costs $7.99 currently. With that, you get to watch a huge deliberation of television shows that are updated about a day or 2 days ago. So you watch can all the recent shows and you also have a decent movie database.

Premium Version And Plans And How Do They Work

Netflix premium version

Netflix streaming plans are divided into 4 categories:

Basic – This subscription starts at Rs. 500 per month. It supports one screen at a time.

Standard – standard version starts at Rs. 650 and it supports two screens. This version also gives you HD viewing.

Premium –  This plan starts at rs.800 in which HD and Ultra HD content is available. It enables you to access 4 screens at a time.

DVD plan – In this plan is for US customers and they can also add DVD to their current streaming plan or choose DVD only plan.

amazon prime membership

For the prime membership, you will be charged Rs. 129/month and Rs. 999/year.

premium plan for Hulu

  • Limited commercial plan: $7.99/month
  • No commercial plan: $11.99/month

History Of Live Streaming Films

Streaming media is multimedia that is continuously received by and introduce to an end user. Basically the verb “to stream” means the process of conveying or obtaining media in this manner. The term “Streaming” was first used for tape drives that were made by Data Electronic Inc. It was applied in the early 1990’s as a superior interpretation for video on demand and then live video on IP networks by Real networks for audio streaming and Starlight Networks for video streaming. Such kind types of videos are referred to stored and forward video.


Basically, live streaming is the supply of internet content in real time like events happen and broadcast its content over the airway to the audience.

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