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Instagram Activity- Track How Much Time You Spend On Instagram

Instagram Activity Feature

How much time are you devoting to Instagram? Do you want to know about a feature that can tell about the time spent on this app? Instagram is a famous photo messaging app has recently rolled out their new “Your Activity” feature to allow users to track their total time spend on this app. This feature is tapping the hamburger icon on the upper right corner of the profile page, and Tapping on the ‘Your Activity’ icon.

This app allows you to check the average amount of time that you are spending on Instagram to sharing photos and videos. It is beneficial for all the Instagramholic people who are spending lots of time on this app.

With this, you will get more control over your interaction on social networks. To set a limit to use any social media sites is essential for your well being.

The excessive use of anything can show a harmful impact on your health. Here we will share how this feature “Your Activity” will work for you.


  • The new feature “Your Activity” is inside the Hamburger icon.
  • Using This feature, you can track the user’s time.
  • Users can set the reminder to set the limit for any usage.
  • And users will able to mute push notifications temporarily.
  • Users can also change the reminder or remove it as well.

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Instagram Activity-What Is Hidden Inside This New Feature?


Users are getting thousands of apps with the help of the internet, and they are using them to entertain themselves.

There are some favourite web apps that include Instagram and Facebook. People are spending lots of time on these apps because of their best features. Instagram is one of these web apps where you share your photos, videos, and thoughts.

You are spending unlimited time there, and even you don’t know how many hours you are devoting there. You need something that can check how much time you have spent on that particular app.

To solve this problem, Instagram came up with the new feature “Your Activity”. This feature will not force you to stop using Instagram, but it will help you to control yourself.

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Where Is “Your Activity” Feature On Instagram?

You people will get this new feature “Your Activity” inside Hamburger icon. This icon is on the upper right corner of the profile page. When you tap on the activity, you will get the idea about your usage of the last seven days.

This “Your Activity” dashboard will show you the bar chart of your time spends on the Instagram app. You can set the time limit for you with the help of the “Set Daily Reminder” option.

Finally, when you reach the selected time, you will also get the notification that you hit your time limit. You can also avoid the other warnings for 8 hours with the help of notification settings.


How To Track Your Instagram Activity?


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If you people are excited about this feature “Your Activity” and want to know how you can use this, then you have to follow these steps.

We have a proper guide for you people to check your time spent on this app, and some steps include:


Step 1: Go to Profile:

You have to head to your profile after clicking the profile button. This is in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Tap the profile button to go further in this feature.

Head to your Profile > Select Setting> tap Your Activity.

Step 2: Select Settings:

Now, after going to your profile, you have to go to settings. On the top right corner of the screen, there are three lines. You have to click on these lines if you want to proceed further.

After going to settings, you will reach other options to complete your task.

Step 3: Tap “Your Activity.”

When you tap on “Your Activity”, then you will get a bar graph of your time spent on the app. This bar graph will tell you the whole information about your Instagram activity.

It will tell the time based on the last seven days. If you want the daily report of each daytime spent then you can click on the individual bar.

When you click, then you will get the information about the time of your usage for each day.

Step 4: Manage your Time:

When you go further down, you will get an option named “Set Daily Reminder” under “Manage your Time”.

In daily reminder, you can choose how much time you want to spend on Instagram in a day.

When your selected time gets finished, then you will get a notification. If you want to log off, then you can go ahead or if you’re going to ignore it then also you can choose this option.

Step 5: Tap on Set Reminder:

You have to scroll the wheels according to your desired time and then tap on the “Set Reminder”. This will help you to set the daily reminder to set a limit on the usage of your Instagram.

Finally, this will help you to check on your daily Instagram use.

Step 6: Notification Settings

Under “Manage your Time” you will get another option called “Notification Settings”. With the help of this option, you can change push notifications settings.

This option will allow you to mute your notifications. You can do this for eight hours. In this option, you can also specify which kind of notifications you want to receive.

It will help you to avoid all clutter on your lock screen.

Step 7: Change or Remove Reminder:

After setting a reminder if you want to change or remove this reminder, then you can change it.  If you wish to changes, then you have to go back to “Your Activity” dashboard.

Now again click on the option “Set Daily Reminder”.  After this, you will get two options that include “Edit Reminder” or “Cancel Reminder” on the given menu.

According to your wish, you can choose any of these options to proceed further.

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Instagram Activity-It’s a Wrap:

Instagram’s “Your Activity” feature does not only count your daily usage minutes but also help you to set a limit. You will also get a notification because of your reminder that you set.

It will help you to decide that you want to cross your self-selected time limit or not. After getting a notification, you can log off or ignore the warning.

“Your Activity” feature will tell you about your usage and notify you about your time limit only. It will not work at all force you to stop browsing. This is only in your hand to cut it off. Further, you can also avoid notifications for all around 8 hours a day.

There is no need to give up Instagram, but you can limit your usage to make it normal browsing.

We hope you will like this article. If you have any query, please let me know by comment.

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