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iCloud Drive-Best Cloud Storage-How to Access File in iCloud Drive?

iCloud Drive-A Best Cloud Storage


If you are familiar to it then you have a complete idea that how it can help you. But if you don’t then till now you have got the idea about it. In simple words, you can say that it is the online storage of whole data that you are dealing with. Anything that you will save to your iCloud drive then it will automatically get synced to the other devices too. But all other devices should be accessed through your Apple ID. You will able to access the data to different devices that include iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

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Mail, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, and Bookmarks

The different data that you can save there and get access to other devices too include mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, and bookmarks. It is the space that can secure and update your data every time when you add something to your drive.

restarted it then you find that your Download iCloud for windows is already open. If it is not open then you can open it by using the Start menu.

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How to add to iCloud to File Explorer Quick Access panel?


Now the iCloud drive will not easily be added in File Explorer. For this you need to follow some steps, these steps we have discussed below that will help you to add it in a quick access panel in file explorer. You only have to follow some easy steps. Here’s how:

  • The folder for this drive will be available in the main User Folder by default. For example, in C:/Users/Name/iCloud Drive in your PC.
  • Now you have to go in File Explorer to director’s location.
  • You will get the “iCloud Drive” folder and then you have to right click on it.
  • Here, you will get Pinto Quick Access and this will allow you to get a shortcut to the left-hand

How do iCloud Photos work?

When you have succeeded to enable iCloud drive for windows then you just need to a folder named iCloud Photos in File Explorer. Now, whenever you will add any photo or videos to this folder then you will able to sync everything across all the devices that you are owning.

All the devices that you can log into through your Apple ID.  There is also one option available for you named iCloud Photo Sharing with the help of this you can also share images gallery.

What do I need to use iCloud Drive?

To use iCloud drive is not at all the tedious job. It is just a simple task that you can perform after installing the iCloud for windows. We have a complete guide available for you and you have to just read thoroughly to use it.

You also have to enable drive for your PC windows to allow syncing automatically. Here is the step by step instructions below:

  • First, go to the start menu and the open the iCloud folder.
  • Here in this folder just open the iCloud
  • Now you have to enable iCloud Drive to sync everything automatically.

That’s all you require to perform for this.

once you enabled it you will able to save your data. But there is one problem regarding the iCloud drive that it is little buried. You feel problem to find it. You will find it by clicking Users> > Your User Folder.

To get it quickly you can do one thing just pin it to the start menu. This will allow you to quickly access it without wasting your time. To do this you have right click on the iCloud drive and then select Pin to Quick Access.

How do I access my files in iCloud Drive?


We have discussed already how you can use the iCloud drive in details. So, if you understand it then you can easily access files in this drive. Once you will follow all the given instructions above then you will get the folder named iCloud drive on your window PC.

Now you are ready to drop down all the data or folders to it directly. There will be some other files also saved there but you can not open them. These files are important to save data into iCloud drive.

Now, whenever you will add the data to your drive on your PC then you will find that your data will be synced automatically. So, this will allow you to access it any time at your other devices too.

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How to Manage iCloud Drive Files on iPhone/iPad?

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What types of files can I store in iCloud Drive?

If all the users are wondering what kind of files they can store in iCloud Drive then the simple answer is anything you can store. But one thing you have to take care that you have enough space available.

If you will exceed the limit of your space then you would be unable to store data further in your drive. So, you can enjoy saving all your data that can be photos, videos, documents, and projects. It updates everything automatically.

Below you will go to get an answer about the storage space that is available in the iCloud drive. So, scroll down to get enough information about the iCloud storage.

How much storage do I have in iCloud Drive and how do I get more?

All the users after getting signing up will get 5GB of data storage space. However, there is an option available for you to increase your storage space also. But if you don’t require then you can use the  5 GB space that is given by default.

If you feel this space is not enough then you can pay money to increase your storage plan. For 50GB you have to pay $0.99 (USD) for a month. You can get more space for your data storage also but you only have to pay some more bugs.

when you will spend money on different plans then automatically your data, photos, videos, and documents will get an extra room on your drive. You can upgrade from your PC any time when you feel that it is necessary.

To  increase the cloud storage of the drive buy it using your PC:

  • First Open iCloud for Windows.
  • Then Click on Storage > View Account.
  • Now Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Now Click View Account and then follow all the instructions.

What Services don’t work on the iCloud for Windows?

As you know that iCloud drive is very useful to save your data and its feature to automatically sync your data will able to update everything from other devices too. It is quite useful for users but there are some services available that are unable to work on windows.

These services include Back to my Mac, Find My iPhone, reading list, and notes. All these services need OS integration in a deeper way. If you want to track your iPhone then you can do it by navigating to iCloud through your browser.

Download iCloud for windows will help you to sync your valuable data between your Macs, iOS devices and Windows PC.

What can you do if you notice any problems regarding this feature?

If you are pondering that what if you have any problems related to this feature then you can take help of Apple extensive Support Pages. This will help you to resolve all your problems.

But to get the benefits of this you have to create an iCloud email address. This will be created when you will set your Apple ID. After this, you will able to receive the emails of different notifications.

Final Words

iCloud for windows helps to store your all data and also up to date it between your different devices. These all different devices include iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Windows PC. With the iCloud drive it so simple to store any file or document.

For this, you will only drag the file of your choice and drop into an iCloud drive folder on your PC. With the help of this, you can access it any time according to your choice in any device.

It will also help to keep your bookmarks from Firefox, internet explorer, and Google Chrome. So with this, it is easy to manage everything about your data.

You also don’t need to worry about your data because it makes everything easy for you. Hope this article has helped you to get deep information about iCloud.

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