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How Customer Reviews Grow Your Real Estate Website?

Here’s How Online Reviews Grow Your Real Estate Website

With the availability of millions of websites, it becomes challenging to filter the one for you especially in the realm of real estate business. Customers have problems in hiring a website that isn’t reviewed, rated or recommended by anyone.

Keep yourself in their shoes and think about how can you trust someone to hire your dream property when they aren’t being referred by anyone.

Online customer reviews play a strong role in the convincing audience for your business either small or huge.

And when you own a real estate business, you are already lifting tons of responsibilities with your website so you can’t afford to lose your potential customers because of the lack of reviews. 

Reviews not only improves the credibility of your business but also accelerate your business revenue and open the doors of opportunities for you. So, here’s why you should focus on getting customer reviews on your site.


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Customer Reviews Boost Sales

You’re a real estate professional and your specialty is Toronto condos. You have a website and an active social media presence but not any testimonials, clients’ stories or thank you notes.

So, let’s say a customer comes to you looking for a condo and is inspired to see the luxury or small condos on your website but doesn’t end up buying it. Why?

Because he doesn’t see any concrete evidence where your customer has made the deal and earn the advantage. This let to lose a potential customer of your business.

If you would have a customer review, the customer would have ended up making a deal with you.

So, getting reviews is equal to boosting sales for your business. Take notes!

More Online Reviews Makes you Authentic

The digital landscape has given birth to the fake businesses that pretend to be original and later ran away taking your money.

These kinds of businesses have no reviews section on their website and if any customer posts it on their pages, they delete it which is unethical.

Real estate business is crucial, you can’t trust someone for buying you a property especially when there are a million choices available.

In this scenario, customers either go with the business which has been referred by their network or either go with the one which has online reviews.

So, the lesson here is that reviews make your position authentic. If people are posting a thank you note on your page then they’re really impressed with your services.

And this turns other customers to hire you for their business. 

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Reviews Improve Ranking

SEO is the backbone of every website. Without search engine optimization, you can’t sustain your position in the emerging competition. And reviews help in building your rank.

When your customer post reviews about you anywhere; be it Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram or reviewing sites and include the keywords then it helps in positioning your website. 

So, the more reviews you receive on your website, the greater the chances of increasing its position on the search engines.

How to get Customer Reviews for your Website?

Now that you know the importance of customer reviews, let’s learn how to get it.

  • Make it Easy to Post Reviews

On your website, dedicate a section for customer reviews and make it easy for them to post. Don’t let them in filling forms or signing up with emails while posting reviews.

It will let them leave the website before posting reviews.

  • Use Social Media to Attract Customers

Social media is the best way to increase the traffic on your website and draw your audience engagement. Keep your social media active and post with great pictures and content.

Stay active in replying to comments to your posts and don’t be rude to any of your customers. Appreciate their reviews, it will encourage other customers to write about you.

  • Ask them to share their Experience

Some customers don’t take any interest in writing reviews unless you ask them. So, there’s no harm in asking your customers to post reviews.

Therefore, when you’re done with the deal, ask them to rate your services.


If you’re looking to make a good deal on your Toronto lofts for sale, you have to focus on generating customer reviews for your business. It will build the online reputation of your business and will also make you ahead in the competition.

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What is your way of getting customer reviews for your business?

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