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Google FI Project Will Work with iPhone

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The Project Fi launched in 2015 but now it is no longer the same because now it turns to Google’s Project Fi. Google has already made an announcement that Project Fi is now Google Fi project.  This time Google’s Project Fi service is not only for some phone companies but it has spread its tentacles to another one also. They announced that now they will work as Google’s Fi iPhone also.

They will also work for other companies that include OnePlus, Samsung, LG, and Moto. Users will surely enjoy the Google Fi iPhone service as well. From now Google directly deals with the iPhone customers.

Users can not anticipate smoothness in Google’s Fi iPhone service because of some limitations in it. To get the whole idea about Fi service or Google’s Fi iPhone service you have to go through this article.


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  • Project Fi is now turned to Google Fi project.
  • It will support the iPhone and many other Android phones.
  • New customers of iPhones will get support from Google directly.
  • To get this setup users will follow some more steps.
  • Larger carriers are responsible for actual service including T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular.
  • Google Fi project has simpler pricing offers as compared to other networks.



What Is Google Fi Project?


For all the readers it’s important to know that what exactly this Google Project Fi (formerly Project Fi) is. You can say that it is an MVNO or a mobile virtual network operator by Google.

This project will help you to get the services that include data services, phone, and messaging. If we talk about the data services then you can use Wi-Fi as well as cellular networks that belong to the different carriers. These carriers include Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Three.

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Google Project Fi is the best service that can help you by switching between networks. It will select the network depending upon the signal strength and its speed. There is an automatic VPN that will help you to automatically connecting WiFi hotspots through data encryption.

It can also be very helpful in the cellular networks and Wi-Fi transition. This Project is serving around 170+ countries all over the World.

The service was launched for the Nexus 6 through invitations only in 2015. But this invitation system was dropped in the year 2016. From then it started its support for additional devices that include Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.


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What About The Full Features Of The Google Project Fi?


This time the majority of Phone companies that are into this service includes OnePlus, LG, Samsung, and Moto. This is the best service that helps you to switch from one network to another as it is using different data carriers. There are features of Google Project Fi service that you need to know:

  • Google Project Fi service will mainly available for those android phones that are using Android 7.0 Nougat or to phones that using a higher one.
  • The smartphones having Fi experience can use this service. On other smartphones, you people will not get the full features.
  • In Smartphones including Google Pixel 3, Pixel 2, Moto G6, and in LG G7 ThinQ use special hardware and software for this Google Fi to work with smoothness.
  • iPhone models running iOS 11 are compatible with the Google Fi. One thing that you should know is that for iOS Google app is still in beta.
  • There are also some features including calls and text over Wi-Fi as well as visual voicemail is missing in the iPhone for users.


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Project Fi For iPhones Caveats


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iPhone finally joined the  Project Fi for iPhones but there are still some caveats and limitations that you should know. The only thing you need to know that Google Fi for iPhone app is technically in beta only.

All the Fi phones have some hardware and software present that help them to switch between different data carriers. But in conventional Android and iPhones, these combinations of software and hardware are absent.

This is the reason there is a restriction to some features that include automated spam detection, visual voicemail, calls and texts over Wi-Fi, and international tethering. These phones also cannot auto switched between these networks as well.

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Other Fi Perks


You can thank Google Fi for making available for all phones for the other perks of this service. There are some perks that any phone user can get from it and these perks include:


  • With this users will get a nifty pricing scheme.
  • Users can get around 2 million Google’s secured as well as free Wi-Fi hotspots. All the users around the world can seek this benefit.
  • Users can get free data-only SIMs for any device that they are using.
  • It will surely please travelers because this service is in around 170 countries and that too at the same price.


Final Words


Google Fi service is expanding itself and many users are wondering that this service is good for them or not. For all the users it is important to think in the way that how many features they are getting from their current carrier.

If you want to switch to the Google Fi service then you have to think about your current service and also about the charges that you are paying currently.

According to us, the main thing about the Google Fi project that can attract users is its affordability, simplicity, and its various features at one place. But to use different Google Fi services with the ease and smoothness you need the phones that are highly compatible with the Google Fi services.

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