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Free Proxy Websites to Unblocked Blocked Sites

Free Proxy Websites to Unblocked Blocked Sites


Nowadays every one of you is using the internet for many reasons. You can say that it has become an important part of your life. You don’t want to feel any restrictions while using the internet, but if you find any blocked website then it can be frustrating for you. But there is way out for you that can help you to avoid such problems. The free proxy websites can help you to avoid such filters and enjoy internet surfing without any further restrictions.

There are lots of questions associated with a free web proxy. How I can hide my IP address while surfing? How I can access or unblock the blocked websites? How I can speed up my surfing?

If you are confused that how you can get the answers then free proxy servers or free proxy websites can help you out. You just need to select the best online proxy sites. Here I will answer various questions related to free proxy websites.


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How to Unblock blocked sites?


If your people are also frustrated due to blocked websites and wanted to access them then you need some ways to help yourself. There are some ways that can be very helpful for you to unblock blocked sites.

These ways include using translation service, using a virtual private network, using URL shorteners, and using a free proxy server.

These ways can help you out to seek access to any blocked sites. There are many free proxy websites available for you that can help you to unblock the blocked sites.


What’s a Free Proxy Server?




The free proxy server is the intermediary server that acts between you and the internet. When you browse any website then this gateway will separate you from the particular website.

There are various functionalities with that this free web proxy will help users. This includes security as well as privacy based on needs or policy of any company.

When you use an unblocked sites proxy and browse any website with it then all the internet traffic will flow through the proxy server on its way to the requested address.

Your request will come back by using the same proxy. After this proxy server also receive your data from the website and then forward it to the users. If you also wonder that it does this only then why to waste time with a proxy server.


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Why not we simple use websites to get our information? Then hold on just stop wondering and read your answers. Nowadays all the modern proxy servers are not only to forwarding your web requests.

But they serve users with much functionality that include privacy, security, act as a firewall as well as a web filter, speed up your requests and provide protection.

But to get the best services you need the best free proxy websites. To get the idea about the best free proxy websites you need to scroll down.


Why Should You Use a Proxy Server?


The free proxy server or free proxy websites hold lots of advantages to the users and these advantages are as follows:

  • Control internet usage in corporate networks
  • Bandwidth savings for large networks
  • Improved speed
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Bypass censorship

We will try to clarify all the advantages one by one here below.


How Does a Proxy Server Operate?


As you know that IP address is very important and only this helps users to get the right data. So, the internet knows about your IP address and when you request something then it will help to deliver it to the right computer.

Now if I talk about the free web proxy server then it is also a computer having its own IP address on the internet. Everyone wants to understand how this web proxy server will operate.

Now I will help you to understand it in a simple way. Whenever you send a request then first your proxy server will receive it. Now it will modify it or you can say it will send this from your behalf.

After this free proxy server will collect all responses from the web server and then forward the information or data to your browser.

The free web proxy server when receiving your request then it can change your data that you send but still you will be able to get the exact information that you require. It will also change your IP address and this will help you to hide your location.

The free web proxy will help with encryption too to protect you from the third party. It will also block some web pages to you as well. This is the reason it is very beneficial to operate free proxy websites.


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How to Control internet usage using a free proxy server in different organizations?




The free web proxy is very helpful for organizations to control internet usage between employees. Different organizations can monitor their employees and they can stop them from accessing some websites there in the office.

Even parents also get benefits from the free proxy servers to control their children too. There are so many time-wasting websites are available and your children can access them.

But with the help of the free proxy server, it is easy to control them. In organizations, it is important to block some websites during work hours. So, free proxy servers will help you to stop to access those websites that can be time wasting.

The free proxy websites will help you to avoid cyberloafing. There are many time-wasting websites that can be banned in corporate networks and these include adult websites and social networking sites.

These websites can affect the productivity of any employee. So, the free proxy websites will help you out to control employees in corporate networks.


How to save Bandwidth and improve speed by using a proxy server?


There are many good free web proxy servers that can help organizations to save the bandwidth as well as speed improvement. When there are thousands of people are working together with the same popular websites then web proxy server’s speed and bandwidth matters a lot.

It allows companies to improve speed as well as save bandwidth too. However, there are lot many free proxy servers are available for you. But for the better overall performance, there is a need for good proxy servers.

When thousands of employees request for the same website at the same time then web proxy server will send only one request to that website. The free proxy websites will help to save the bandwidth and then improve the overall performance of the network too.



What Privacy benefits proxy server can provide to you?


Whenever you use the internet and browse any website then you always want privacy. However many time you keep your privacy on the stack and use websites that can harm you. But still, you don’t want to compromise with your privacy.

Whenever you load any website then the web server will able to know about your IP address. This will help to get the idea about your location too. Also, the browser will send the information regarding user and cookies also get stored on your computer,

but when you use good online proxy sites then it will allow you to access the internet privately. The best free proxy websites can help to change your IP address and with this,

your destination server will not get the idea that who exactly made the request. The free proxy websites will help you to keep information related to you hidden and you enjoy your browsing habits with more privacy.


How Proxy servers can improve security?


If you want security in the business network then this can be beneficial for you. It will help you by improving your security because it will block all the websites that can distribute malicious material.

You will also be able to get the encryption services from the free web proxy servers. This will provide safety to your data that third parties want to get for their personal benefits.

Organizations also can also couple the web proxy server with the Virtual Private Network and this will be beneficial for the remote users. The companies use this way to get the access of the internet through the company users.

This will help them to verify that their users are getting access to resources or not. and This also has full security to protect the data of the company.

There are many free proxy websites that can be risky for you. But if you will choose online proxy sites wisely then you will surely get benefits.


What are the Risks with Free Proxy Server Hold?


When you use free proxy servers to reap benefits then simultaneously you can face risks too. Here is the list of risks that are associated with the free proxy servers:


Free Proxy Websites Risks:


When you use free web proxy servers then it can be quite risky. You can face performance related issues as well as problems related to data security. These free web proxy servers can also steal your credit card numbers and this is the reason you need to be careful.

If you are using the free proxy websites for the purpose of privacy then you should be careful. The vendor can sell your data because of risky free proxy websites. With this, you will not get the exact service that you require from the free proxy websites.

If you are using any free web proxy server without the encryption then it is not safe. This will make it easy to get your information easily. So always take care that you are using a free proxy website with the full capability of encryption.

If you will use the free proxy websites that will not have the capability of encryption then they will not be useful.


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What are the Different Types of Proxy Servers?


There are different types of proxy server available and this is the reason you need to understand about these web proxy servers that how they can meet your requirements. These different free proxy servers are as follows:


Transparent Proxy:

A transparent proxy acts between your computer and the internet and handles your requests as well as responses without making any modification in it. It has other names as well that include inline proxy, intercepting proxy, or forced proxy.

These are very convenient and easy to set up and this is the reason public libraries, business, as well as schools use these transparent free web proxy servers for the filtration of content.


Anonymous Proxy:

An anonymous web proxy server will act to hiding your IP address to the website and on the user side, it may provide encryption. It is very helpful to avoid any problem related to identity theft. This free web proxy server also helps you to maintain your proxy server private.


Distorting proxy:

This free web proxy server is very similar to the anonymous proxy but there is little difference between two of them. In the distorting proxy, it passes the false IP address to the website. This will share your false location to create content restrictions.


High Anonymity proxy:

These are very private and secure free web proxy servers. They also send the false IP address to the web servers. It is very difficult to track about you from where you belong.


How to get proxy server addresses?

There are three methods you can use to free proxy server and these methods are as follows:


Method 1:

You can get a free web proxy server with the help of the different search engines that you are using. There are many free web proxy servers that are free and anonymous for you.

You can evaluate everyone and choose the best free proxy server for you. But all the web proxy servers that are free are not stable.


Method 2:

The proxy scanner can help you to find the free web proxy server for you. It is the kind of software that can scan thousands of free proxy servers for you in a fraction of seconds.


Method 3:

You can also build your own proxy server and this will help you to get proxy server addresses. With the help of software like CCProxy, you people can make your own proxy server.


What are the top 10 free Proxy websites online?

  1. HideMyAss



HideMyAss is undoubtedly the best option for all of you who are searching for right free proxy websites. When you will use it you will get services of both VPN and free proxies.

There are lots of benefits associated with that include flexible, fast, secure as compare to other free online proxy sites. You will able to access worldwide content with this because it is considered as one of the best free proxy websites.


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People need no restrictions while using the internet and if there is anything blocked then they desire unblocked sites proxy for it. You will get many free proxy websites on the internet that can help you to unblock blocked sites. is the other best-unblocked sites proxy that you can use. It is also fast as well as comprising a user-friendly interface. You will able to access many websites with the help of this one of the best free proxy websites.

And You can also control cookies and ads with the help of this unblocked sites proxyIt also works as a proxy site to unblock YouTube videos






As its name suggests this free web proxy will help you to hide. The one important thing to consider about this free web proxy that your databases and IP addresses will never save here permanently.

You always want to use those online proxy sites that can help you to free from ads and popup windows because you find them annoying. So, you can use this unblocked sites proxy to enjoy restrictionless surfing.



  1. AnonyMouse



AnonyMouse is also considered as one of the best free proxy websites. You access different websites you just need to put the name of that web site to the address bar of the unblocked site’s proxy and then you can access it easily.

If you will use the free version of this online proxy site then you have to tolerate ads. But if you will use the premium version of it then it will be easy to avoid such problems.




There are many best free proxy websites available for you. You can try any one of your choices. The is the other one among online proxy sites that can be very helpful for you.

This proxy has a different option that is a ping test. With the help of this, you can get the idea about the response time of the server. This site offers around nine servers to the user’s and you can choose any one of free proxy websites for yourself.


  1. KProxy






Kproxy is the other one of the best free proxy websites because it is portable and carry many unique features. No ads will irritate you while using this free web proxy.

For the commonly used browsers like Chrome and Firefox, you people can download the free extension with the help of this proxy.

It will offer around 10 servers for users and you can choose any of them. This is always important to choose the right free proxy websites to get the right results. You will surely enjoy surfing with this unblocked online proxy.


  1. 4everproxy




4everProxy is the other online proxy site that you can use for a wide range of websites. It will also provide you speed as well as unlimited bandwidth. You will enjoy intense security as well as privacy to the users.

When you will use it then you will find that this will enhance your performance too.  So this unblocked online proxy will surely be very helpful to you.


  1. BlewPass




This online proxy site will allow users to manage cookies as well as webpage encryption. You can dodge different firewalls and filters with the help of this proxy. and You can enjoy this fast proxy that never restricts bandwidth to you.

we can also enjoy complete anonymity by using this unblocked proxy online. if you are confused that which of free proxy websites will be the best then you can choose this to enjoy its features.




This offers around 800 free web proxies to the users. Among 800 there are 40 proxies that are popular because of their best features. You can enjoy safe browsing with the help of these proxies.





Like all other online proxy sites that I have discussed above this is also very helpful to get access to different websites. With its different five options that it provides to users make it the best free web proxy website.

Its different features include page encryption, enabling and disabling cookies, removing the objects, eliminating the scripts, and encrypting the URL. This is one of the best free proxy websites that can avoid harm to your computers.

You need to choose those free proxy websites that provide you full security as well as privacy.



Should I use a proxy server? Possible security problems generated by proxy servers.


If you are using a free web proxy server then it does not mean that you will always get the benefits. As I have discussed that it also holds risks and people can get possible security problems because of the free proxy servers.

There are many online free sites that are malicious and infected. If you will use these free web proxy servers then they will load malware as well as phishing websites to your browser. So, it’s very important to choose the best free proxy websites.

If a free proxy server is not good then it can use lots of information about you later. This can happen because the unblocked online proxy server knows lots of information about you.

But it’s not always risky whereas also will give you benefits when you will use these Online proxy sites. So, before using them you should get the idea about them. This will help you to avoid all the risks associated with as well.


Please Let Me Know by Comments

I hope you will like these above free proxy server List and free proxy websites. and if you have any query please let me know by comments. I will happy to help you.


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