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Download iTunes for Windows


Hey, readers today we are going to share something that is home of entertainment for you. It can be movies, music, apps, TV shows and many more. Now leave all the time-consuming stuff that comes between you and your entertainment. Just stop ransacking your collection of CDs or flipping channels to listen to something of your choice. Now download iTunes for windows, your entire collection of videos and music is just one click away.

iTunes for Windows will give you the access pass to spend hours to browse and play everything from your PC. If you’re new to the iTunes software program then you might be pondering that what the use of this application is. If yes then this article will surely helpful for you.

iTunes for Windows can be the best choice for all music lovers. You people can also purchase digital media products from the iTunes Store. If you are aware of its features and need some alternatives too then you should scroll down to get the better idea.

First, let a sneak peek to the full-featured software program download iTunes for Windows that can do a whole lot more for all music lovers.

What is The Use of iTunes for Windows?




Download iTunes for Windows is getting so popular because of its successful programs and they can speak its legacy without any doubt. This application is serving users of Mac and PC without paying a single penny.

Users out there are playing videos and music but there is much more for you with iTunes.

Originally, Apple made it but now this full-featured music and video player or you can say an organizer for your windows too. This will help you to organize everything for you without any hassle.

It will organize TV shows, music, and movies for you in the way you never expect before.


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What Are The Key Features of the iTunes?


download itunes for windows


Although it mainly the software that can serve as the media player and it is Apple’s iTunes Store. But it has also some features that you people need to know before getting judgemental about it. These features will help you to know about it more.

Here are the features iTunes download free include:

  • Helpful to Streaming songs from Apple Music
  • It can upload music to iCloud using the iTunes Match service
  • Music sharing over your home network
  • Conversion from one format to another
  • Listening Internet radio stations
  • It will allow burning Digital music files to disc
  • Self-updating playlists can be created by it.
  • Buy iTunes credit for someone and send it using a gift certificate
  • Download podcasts
  • Organize your music into playlists
  • It is easy to Record compact discs.
  • Help in the editing file information
  • It is very convenient to Purchase music and videos through the built-in iTunes store with the help of internet.
  • Help in function surfing.
  • With the help of visualizer, it is easy to display graphical effects while playing music.
  • It will be very helpful to Copy files to an iPod as well as to another digital audio player.
  • Encoding of music will become easy into other audio formats.


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Compatibility with Portable Media Devices


There are many people who wonder why they should use iTunes downloader for their Apple device. They also wonder about the connection between the Apple device and iTunes.

There are some Apple devices that include iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch have to use iTunes because of the many built-in features that can work with iTunes as well as the iTunes Store.

This is opposite than other non-Apple hardware devices that can play digital music and videos but still, they are unable to use the iTunes software. The company faced much criticism because of this compatibility problem.

But there are many alternative programs that can be used in Apple’s portable devices to sync media files. But they also have some problem to get connected with the iTunes store.


What Audio Formats Does iTunes Support?


itunes audio formats-technozuzu


If you are wondering about the formats that are supported by iTunes for Windows then we have a list of formats that can help you out. It is a great idea to explore more about the iTunes downloader and download iTunes for windows free before using it. You should know about the formats that are supported by iTunes.

This is important to know to play your existing files as well as for the conversion of formats too. So, if you don’t have an idea till now then you can check it here about the different formats that are supported by iTunes.

These formats include:

  • MP3
  • AAC
  • WMA (Windows version only)
  • ALAC
  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • MP4


Why iTunes or Apple Music is Better?


Firstly, we will assure you that download iTunes for windows free is an easy way to organize your music files by managing them properly. Its presence will be great for all music lovers because it is a great music library and provide users with a number of ways to manage their music files.

It is easy to build playlist manually with the help of iTunes for Windows. If you want to go with an automatic one is ‘recently added’ to get the idea that what you imported in a period of time.

However, there are some formats that are not supported by iTunes that include FLAC but still, it is the best way if you want to organize your music in a convenient way.

if you want to buy and browse from the iTunes store then it is available for you. Here you will able to get different things that include videos, music, podcasts, and many other things that you want to buy is easily available for you for any device. You can get everything from your Apple account after sign into iTunes.

There is another fascinating thing for you is Apple Music that is a streaming service inside iTunes. To get access to around 30 million songs you need a subscription in an Apple music library. It is somewhere comparable with the app but it has a lack of that same social features.

In apple music, there is another feature also that includes radio stations and you will also able to enjoy with famous DJ from the live streaming Beats 1. With the help of this, you can play any station that you want to play.


Organize your devices with iTunes


This app is also available for iOS devices that include iPhone,iPods, and iPods to act as an organizer to these devices. According to your choice, you can choose any music, video, books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and many other things to sync to your device.

However, you people can face some annoyances in starting but when you people get to know that how iTunes will sync to your device will work then it will be okay.

You can face the problem that you will not able to quickly plug in your device. Another thing you can face while updating music because it is also not a quick process.

However, you will find the backups more effective because you will be able to import them quickly when you will plug in a new device.


The Complete Package of iTunes for windows


There are many people who will complain that it is a bloated app but we will say that it is efficient, convenient, and fast for users. It is a well-organized media library and can help in better management undoubtedly.

Yes, you can say that for movies and TV areas it is still underdeveloped as compared to music. But for music, download iTunes for windows is reliable as well as conveniently useful to keep and manage it properly.

You can enjoy it because with Apple music it acts as the complete package. So undoubtedly you can give it a try.


Download iTunes For Windows


Video Credit: nicscomputerfix

If you are thinking that you have to spend some bugs to get the complete package of this app then you are completely wrong. All the users can use iTunes download free for their devices.

With the help of the internet, you can download its installer to your device and can use it. To download it you have to follow some instructions. If you want to know more then you have to scroll down to get a clear idea about it.


iTunes for Windows Download




Although Apple has designed iTunes it is perfectly fine on a windows Place too.  It runs just fine on a Windows PC.  If you are thinking to use it for your Windows PC then without giving a second thought you can use it.

This will act as an organizer for your PC too. To install iTunes on a PC, start at the download page for the free iTunes for Windows software at the Apple website.


Download iTunes for Windows 7


If you people are running 64-bit operating system on your computer then to reap full advantage you need to use iTunes with the 64-bit version. If you will download the standard version of the OS that is 32 bit then it will not give you benefits. There are many places from where you can download it freely for your Windows.


Download iTunes for Windows 10 64 Bit


If you are running window 10 with 64 bit OS then you need to download the 64-bit version of iTunes to get its full benefits. Before installing you need to know which OS you are using for your windows.

This will help you to install the right iTunes for your windows to enjoy music and videos according to your craving.


Download iTunes for Windows 7 Ultimate


Windows 7 Ultimate is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. So, if you want to download iTunes for windows 7 ultimate then you also need to check that which OS version you are using this will help you to install Full version iTunes for your windows.


Download the iTunes installer from the Apple site


itunes installar for windows

Here you will get the idea about installing iTunes for Window PC or iTunes downloader. First, you have to browse the Apple website to start the process. There you will find the Download button for iTunes.

You just have to click on it too and have to follow some instructions that how you can download installer into your hard drive. After this, you have to pick the location on your hard drive to save it.


Run the iTunes installer

After getting the downloaded installer to your system just Double-click the iTunesSetup.exe file. This will lead you toward installing iTunes. Now you will find the welcome screen and there you have to click on the Next button. After this, there will be a display of a dialog box of the License agreement.


Just Accept The Terms of The License Agreement to Proceed Further

The license agreement is must to accept if you want to proceed further. You cannot skip this step. So scroll down to read the agreement and then accept it to move further in the installation process.

When you will accept you will get the Next button. You have to click on it to get the installation options.


Choose iTunes Installation Options

There is another option available for you that is to turn on and off following options that include (a) Add iTunes and QuickTime Shortcuts to My Desktop and (b) Use iTunes as the Default Player for Audio Files.


Make a Choice for Language for iTunes

In the case of language, the default language is English (U.S.). But if you want to choose another one then you can select it from the drop-down list.


Choose the Destination Folder for iTunes

The program files of the iTunes will be stored in folder C by default. But if you want to store it in some other program folder then you can. For this, you just have to click change and this will allow you to locate this in any other folder according to your choice.


Click Install to Finish

In the last step, you just have to click on the install land with this your installation will get finished. After this, it will display the complete dialog box.

Now after clicking on the finish, you need to restart your Windows PC because it is always a good idea after performing the installation of any software.


iTunes Alternative For Mac


Video Credit: Softorino Inc.

Some people who think that download iTunes for windows free is a complete mess, ponderous as well as bloated then they can drop the idea to use this application.

However, it is not at all bloated but still; it’s your own view about any app. If you don’t want to use iTunes any more then please don’t fear at all because you have other iTunes Alternatives for Mac.

If you think that iTunes is not working for you for organizing everything then you can replace it. There are some alternatives that we are going to share with you all and these alternatives include:


Musique: it is a Simple Player


If you people want to try something very simple with a music library then for you Musique is the best to try.  When you will use this player then you will be able to create its own library and also it will download the picture of every artist too.

This will allow you to browse the collection through the artist as well as an album.  You will also able to browse with the help of the folder.

There are some other interesting things that it has an information panel too. This will share information about the background of the artist as well as an album. You will also be able to get the lyrics of the song that is playing currently.

This player is best and can consider as the complete package for your Mac device. It is also free for users. So, if you need an alternative for the iTunes then you can give it a try.


Plex App: Once Set Up You Ready to Reap Benefits


download itunes for windows


Plex is another option in the list that you can try. This is the mini player and also it is powered by the plex server. It can be best once it is set up. But some of you can feel that it is just a pain to set up Plex.

But it is not like that when you will get its set up then you will be able to get access to great players. This will help you to stream your music at any place where it is stored. When you will play any song it will tell the name of the artist and track too.


Clementine: Use Tons of Features with This


You can say that Clementine is a full-featured platform for playing audio open source music audio CDs, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and more. With the help of this, you will be able to play music and also allow you to search for music from your local library.

It will also allow your search to the cloud storage that includes Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. You will also able to.enjoy internet radio services with the help of this feature that includes Spotify, SoundCloud, and Grooveshark.

You can take it as a powerful music player that is full of best features that include robust tagging tools, album cover artwork, an equalizer, visualizations, lyrics, and podcast support. You will able to get the option of adding files, folders as well as from internet stream too.


VOX: The Little Player Create a Great Difference


iTunes alternative for windows

Vox can be the other best reason for you because it is simple for users and has many good features. It is a little player but packed with lots of useful features as well. It has some unique abilities that include importing iTunes and your personal library too.

You will also be able to do an integration with YoutTube as well as SoundCloud. But for this, you have to pay some money to get access to 30,000 internet radio stations.

Other things that can fascinate you about Vox include gapless playback, Sonos, gapless playback, and equalizer. You will also able to download playback control extensions with this and this will allow you to listen Vox with Apple EarBuds.


Nightingale: Tons of Plugins Make it Simple and Best



Nightingale is the best option that can act as the alternative for iTunes.  You can use this open source for Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is appealing to people because of its simplicity.

It serves users in different ways that include playing music and also manages your library with artwork also and also it does tag editing. You can also able to play video files.

Some formats that Nightingale will support are MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, and WMA.


Quod Libet: Manage and Play Your Music According to Your Wish


iTunes for windows download

Many iTunes converts crave for the simple music organizer without any mesh. The meaning of the name of this player is “whatever you wish”.  As its name suggests it can fulfill your all requirements in a simple way.

If your needs are hovering around only around music then it is perfect for you. It is serving users with different features that include automatic tagging, album covers, and lyrics.

It will also support different file format that are MP3, Ogg, FLAC, and AAC. There are some other things also included in it with the help of them you can use this application in any way that are whole bunch plugins and powerful tag editing.


Bottom Line


Overall, iTunes for Windows has become the must-have application for the users because of its feature that it carries. If you have bought any new device that includes your window PC or Mac the chances are always high that you have iTunes software in your downloaded list.

This is always a better idea to use iTunes for organizing and managing your device. It’s not at all easy for music lovers to manage a piece of good music in their device but iTunes can make this easy for you.

This is the main reason that people want to have their device because of the best features that it holds.


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