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Download Instagram Video


It’s so interesting to share some information about something that is so popular nowadays. Oh, yes we are talking about Instagram video downloader and how to download Instagram video? Instagram has been seeking popularity since 2010 and becoming a popular engagement platform among us.

Not only general people but marketers all over the world are falling in love with it.  Everything is quite attractive about this platform as around 500 million users are active on it.

They are posting their Instagram photos and download Instagram video daily. Ahha, Instagram videos, and photos are becoming a paradigm to know about the once online popularity.

But what if you are still seeking the answers to some questions regarding download Instagram video, sharing them, and viewing them according to your convenience?

If you are also wavering between different ways and not sure about it then yes you are in the right place.


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Whether it is a stupefying creation of your own or any random video that you want to download from Instagram is as easy as winking.

Just read this article and here we have tried to answer all the questions. We are sure you will get the answers that you are quenching about Download Instagram video :


Can you Download Instagram Videos?


instagram video downloader

Are you still confused about the download Instagram video? So, readers keep your confusion aside and go ahead. It is quite simple to download Instagram videos and view them according to your leisure.

All Instagram users are taking Instagram videos and photos as a yardstick to know about their popularity.

Everyone wants that more and more people get involved in your profile. You can do this either by your charming personality or your innovative ideas behind the creation of a video to reach the crowd.

As for all of your download Instagram video is not at all a tough job. In a snap, you can get Instagram video downloader and view it according to your leisure.

To know more just scroll down to get more answers.


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How can I Download Instagram Videos Online?


Many of us find it very interesting to watch and share videos on Instagram with people.  But one single stern problem that always in our way is the availability of internet.

Not every time you have internet access to watch the videos that you like the most.

Now, what is the way for this simple problem?  Fortunately, you all can save them by download Instagram video directly to your device. Now, if you are pondering of your time, data used blah blah…

Then take a break from such things and just go ahead. There are many tools available for you as Instagram video downloader online. You just have to get an idea that which one is better for you.

There are some simple steps that you have to follow to get what you love and these steps are as follows:


 Follow some simple steps-

  1. First just Login Instagram account
  2. Now search the video to download. ( Your Favourite video).
  3. You have to get the Instagram video URL and now paste this URL in the tool that you are using.
  4. Now just click the download button.
  5. To save it click on the save video option.
  6. After completion of the download, you can enjoy it anytime


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How To Download Instagram Video In Phone?


video source


There are many questions arise to your mind related to the Instagram video downloader. Many of us want to know how they can download video from Instagram to their phone.

]If you people also wondering then here we have simple solutions available for you. However, there are various tools available for you that can help you to download Instagram videos on your phone.

But we are going to share some best Android as well as web apps to download videos to phone.


What is the best Instagram Video Downloader?



As we all know Instagram is the stupendous community of photographers as well as others. Every once in a while, when you, we or even I see any video than first thought comes is to save it for later viewing.

But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a feature to save or download any video. But as we earlier discussed this is not at all a problem.

Here we are going to share some tools or apps that will help you to download Instagram video directly to your phone.

These apps and tools will allow you to save content from Instagram to your iPhone or Android. So without a further Ado just takes a plunge and gets to know about best Instagram Video Downloader:


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Video Downloader for Instagram




As you all know that Google Play Store has an abundance of apps for users to download Instagram video. But if we suggest then one of the best Instagram video downloading Apps is Video Downloader for Instagram.

This is best because it is hassle-free as well as it will take just a click to re-post as well as to download Instagram video of your own interest. When you will use this app it will automatically add the downloaded video to your gallery of Phone.

This app best suits all Android phones. So, if you are also using Android then you can use this app for this purpose.


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This applet is available on Android, Web, and iOS. For this applet to work you need three things to do before and that includes Instagram account, IFTTT account, and Dropbox account.  In this applet, you will get a simpler method to download your videos.

When you will set up this app for your Android or iOS then it will automatically download all the videos that you are liking or adding in your WhatsApp.

However, there are many methods to download Instagram video but this is considered as one of the best methods. It will automatically download the video and the video to your Dropbox account. There is nothing as simpler as this.




This is the web-based tool for all the users to download Instagram video. As you all know that there is an abundance of apps on the web that you can use but we will suggest Post Graber because of its hassle-free services. This tool is also different from others that are available on the web.

There are many tools that are able to download only one content piece per Post. But with the PostGraber all videos and photos to download that are associated with a single post.

However, there are other tools also that can help you to download these Instagram videos but there you can face some little problems. There is another thing you need to know about is that it only works for public Instagram posts.

To download videos with PostGraber you need a URL of the video in which you are interested.  To get this you have to go to the mobile app and then go to Copy Link. You can also get it on the web app from the browser’s address bar.

After that, you have pasted the copied URL to the box on the PostGraber website and then click on option Go. Now all the other things will undoubtedly be left for the web app.


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It is undoubtedly another Instagram video downloader and it is available on the web for users. It is still known with its old name that is Instadown.

There are many tools available but it is still considered strong among users. It is quite similar to PostGraber and here also you need URL for Dredown to work properly. Here you need to copy URL and then paste it to the box of Dredown .

After that, you just have to click on the Dredown. With a few seconds, you will get that your video has started downloading.

Dredown is not only for download Instagram videos but you can download content from different websites like Facebook, Twitter, Keek, Youtube, and many more.

To seek the services you just need the URL of the post that needs to download.




Now we have given enough options to all of you to download the Instagram video by using Android and web apps. What we are sure that you want to know how you can download Instagram videos on iOS.

However, there are so many Apps are available on the App store with the help of them you can download videos but there are some problems that can cause hindrance while downloading videos.

There are some ads and in-app purchases that can make them difficult to use.


Regrammer is the best for iOS that is entirely free app for you. Although they support ads these ads are not awful on Regrammer. Once again for this App to you need URL to download Instagram video.

When you will copy it then you have to open the  Regrammer app to paste URL. After this, you have to click on the preview.

In the final step, you need to choose what you want to download it on your device or want to repost it under your own name.


OG Instagram


This is available for Android and has lots of features for users. With this app, you will not only able to download Instagram videos but you are able to follow hashtags, able to use two accounts on the same device, able to view profile pictures of users too, and with this, you can share URLs to external apps as well.

You can download OG Instagram to your Android and get the benefits for free.


OG Instagram



We have one another Web app for you all to enjoy your Instagram videos and that id Gramblast. This is the other tool for you that is easy and hassle-free to use. By now you all are surely familiar to the way of downloading from web apps.

Here again, you need to copy the URL to proceed further and then you have to paste it into the Gramblast web app. The time to download Instagram video will depend upon the size of the file.

After clicking the download button within seconds you will get the desired video to your device. With the help of this app, you can also re-upload it to other social networks. You can also keep this for later view.

Download Gram


Save and Repost for Instagram


You can also use this great app to easily download an Instagram video. It is very convenient for reposting and downloading videos.

On the Android play store, this app has got a 4.6 rating. So, you should be assured that it is worth to use it.

This app will directly save downloaded stuff to your gallery. It also copies all the hashtags that are used in video and when you will repost this using this app it will add to your post as well.

There is no watermark content will get added when you will download something. Most importantly it will take only 5 seconds to get your stuff. So, you can try it for making your Instagram journey more interesting.


Social Video Downloader


Social Video Downloader-technozuzu

Click on the above image to download Instagram videos using social video downloader App


 This is the other video downloader app that can help you on Instagram or beyond it also. You can also download videos from other sites also.

If you are always involved in posting and downloading content on social media then it is best for you.

With this app, you will be able to save images, videos, and Instagram stories. If you want to use it for Facebook and Twitter then you can do it easily. It contains ads but that is not too obnoxious.


Other Best Ways to Download Instagram Videos


There are many Instagram video downloader apps available for all users. We have also discussed the seven apps to download the video.

As we all know that there no inbuilt feature for posting videos or to download Instagram videos. But there are multiple sites that are serving their users to download the video in just one click.

There are some other methods that can help you to download Instagram videos with the help of the Apps. But now these apps are not free you have to spend some bugs for these Instagram video downloader apps. These apps include:


SaveIG – Save Picture and Video from Instagram



For this app, you have to spend $0.99 and this app will add SaveIG widget to your phone. This is quite simple to use and can help you to download Instagram videos and images in a simple and hassle-free way.

after getting this app you will be able to download Instagram videos and images with the help of iOS widget as well as through SaveIG app.

For Apple users, this is one of the best Apps because it has only a simple interface and very cleaner to use.

This is the other Instagram video downloader app that is best for users. This is also not free and you have to purchase it for $2.

After getting this app you will able to get the images and videos direct to your gallery.  For this app, you need to copy the URL of the video in which you are interested. However, this app is free but still, it contains ad images.


InsSave– Download & Save Videos and Photos



Click on the above image to download Instagram videos using this App


Undoubtedly, this is the best app but to get it you have to spend around $0.99. But after using it you will surely find it worth purchasing it. This Instagram video Downloader app is best to download content from Instagram.

Here also you have to copy the image as well as video URL. After this, you have to paste it on the app to download content.

This app also adds content credit to the video and image. However this paid app and you have to pay bugs but still, you will get ad content.


Need to Know Instagram Video Copyrights


As it is as easy as winking to download Instagram videos but always remember Instagram video copyrights. You people don’t have right over the videos that are not created by you.

Don’t take me wrong, as you can enjoy these videos by downloading them and watching them.

But you don’t have any right to post them as your own. You also can’t distribute those videos to others or any other platform. If you want to distribute them then you need to give some credit to the creator.

That’s it!  This is the list of all best Instagram video downloaders to download Instagram video, photos, and other content.

I hope this will be helpful for you all to get the best app. This will be quite easy from now for you to avoid issues that are associated with Instagram every day downloading and reposting videos.



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