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CouchTuner for Movies-is CouchTuner safe to use?



Couchtuner – It is a popular streaming service which was used by people all over the world. Unluckily, this type of service is also used for streaming movies and TV shows without the permission of copyright owners that lead to the service being blocked in the majority of the countries of the world.

There are some options for free online streaming and several premium ones in which you can watch all favourite shows such as  The Walking Dead,  Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, and many more.

Couchtuner is an outstanding website for an individual who enjoys watching TV shows online for free. This type of service does not host this content itself,

but entirely it acts as a database which redirects the audience for different streaming websites. It involves no payments, subscription, or even an account.

This service was introduced in 2010, and it soon makes vast amounts of viewers all over the world. But it arises issue about the safety and legality of Couchtuner service.


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Couchtuner for Movies –


There are some of the best Couchtuner Alternatives Websites/Options which are discussed below.

123 Movies



– It is one of the best streaming services which probable to find when looking for excellent free streaming websites such as Couchtuner.

This service provides free movies and TV shows, and it also has a moderately enormous database available for online streaming and download alike.

This type of service is the same as Couchtuner with the fact that it is also streaming content illegally. It also has some issues which are related to the malware and other such dangers.

It is the services which are still available for easy access for free. The person should be careful regarding what you download.




– It is also one of the best Couchtuner choices for a vast number of free movies and several different TV shows. Popcornflix is better service than previous due to it is pretty easy to find through the search field or categories such as Thriller,  Family, Action, Comedy,  Horror, and many more.

This website is straightforward to use, while the TV shows and movies are listed within the genre without sorting options. It is not an ideal service due to it lacks slightly when it comes to video quality, and it is typically at the level of a regular DVD movie.

The service has also featured ads, but they are comparatively short, and should not cause any problems. This service also has two apps which are very pretty and easy to use.

Thus it is one of the best free streaming sites such as Couchtuner.


Sony Crackle


couchtuner movies alternative

– It is a website which is a company owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Sony Crackle will allow accessing several movies and TV shows.

It is an authorized website, which is safe to use. The user can watch and enjoy a large variety of content. This service is geo-restricted, which means that not everybody can access it at least not without a VPN.


Project free TV


– It is another good site for users to watch favorite shows online for free. Project free TV does not provide movies, and instead, this site is focused exclusively on popular TV shows.

Similarly to Couchtuner, it works as a third party streamer, and it does not host or own any of the content it offers. The layout of the service is easy to use, which is suitable for new users, and they can easily find their way around the site.

But it does not feature images, and the site lacks in several areas, such as content organization. This service does not feature group at all that makes it difficult to find shows belonging to the same genre.


Movie Watcher


– Movie Watcher is another pretty good site to watch movies and shows for free. It offers excellent video quality with several films in full HD. To use this service, first of all, the user will have to create an account to access the content.

The service will also offer to download files and watch later. The design of the site is quite clean and straightforward and provides a great user experience.

In this service, there are also different types of categories such as New Movies, Popular Movies, and Coming Soon. The user can also search for a specific movie or show and also check their IMDB ratings and alike.


Netflix Movies


couchtuner for movies free

– It is also another high-quality streaming service, which is entirely legal. The service has several features such as the latest TV shows, and at about 14,200 movies is available all over the world.

Netflix movies are among the best options for Couchtuner and Netflix. It also has extra features such as notifications of new releases, and alike. The service is easy to use, and the user can pretty much find everything that is already on Netflix and more.


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Is Couchtuner Safe?


-Couchtuner is mainly a pirate website which accessing at very high risk. Thus the site itself is not safe. There are several dangers, such as malware posing as ads.

Which are the main problem with this service, and it is also easy to corrupt the entire system by clicking on the wrong thing? The quality f the video is not good, and the content itself is poorly organized that makes it challenging to find favorite movies and TV shows.

By using Couchtuner or many of the free options can be very risky. Many ads and malware are posing as ads which are not suitable for this service. That’s why it is essential to use a VPN, which can not only protect but also unlock geo-restricted services.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which can protect the online services for users by using a combination of security protocols, secure encryption, and large server networks.

There are infinite VPN services, and most of them provide several additional features.

The online services with robust security protocols, VPNs can protect the traffic and make it impossible for anyone, including your ISP to watch what user do online, or what websites users are visiting.

Encryption is an additional level of protection that someone manages to obtain the data and will make it unreadable. There are many VPNs use the strongest one on the market.


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CouchTuner for Movies-Overview


Couchtuner was an excellent service, which made a lot of people all over the world happy by providing them with the ability to stream countless TV shows and movies. But the service was illegal, and it got blocked by ISPs around the world.


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