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“Best” Cheap Web Hosting Sites 2019-Web Hosting Services

Cheap Web Hosting Sites

Are you going to post a web page or website on the internet? Do you need storage space for your websites? Have you ever wondered how you can view your website on the internet? Many of us are pondering about these questions about how your website can get space on the internet. If you are also one of them, then you are in the right place to get your answers. And you need to know more about it then you should be familiar with the term Cheap Web Hosting sites.

This service allows any organisation or any individual to get the space on the internet for their website.  I have covered all the essential aspects related to this very well known term web hosting.

So without any further ado just gets started with some essential questions related to the Web Hosting Services or Cheap Web hosting sites:

What is Web Hosting Services or Cheap Web Hosting Sites?


Web hosting service helps to provide space or access to your website on the internet. Cheap Web hosting sites will do this for you without any cost.

It is an organisation that store or hosts your websites on individual computers that are known as servers. You will able to reach any sites in simple two steps.

First, when someone needs to open your website, they type the address of that website in a web browser. In the second step, your server will connect to the user’s computer, and then you will get the WebPages of that website through your browser.

If you want to host with some host companies, then you should own your domain. In case if you don’t own any domain name, then these hosting companies will help you to purchase. You will find the best hosting in India, but you need to choose wisely to get benefits.

There are many Cheap Web Hosting sites available, but when you are or taking any web hosting Cheap services, then there can be some limitations too.

For better as well as cheap web hosting India, you need to do little work, and then you will get the one for your website.

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What are the Types of  Web Hosting Services?



If you want web hosting services, then it is essential to know about various types of available web hosting services.  When you get a thorough idea about it, then you will get the sense that which is web hosting services, you require the most for your website?

It is vital to get the idea about the services, server, and most importantly, about the budget of different web hosting services. To get the cheap web hosting India, you need to know about its types.

There are Different Hosting options available for you:

  • Website Builders
  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting

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Website Builders:



If you are beginners, then you need to serve with the Website Builders hosting service. If you are new to host the website then obviously you have lack of knowledge and technical skills to handle it.

It is the reason you need a service that can conveniently help you. This hosting service will provide you online browser-based interface, and with the help of this, you can build your website.

With this service, you don’t need any extra setup to host your website.

Shared Hosting:



The other hosting service that you can use to host your website is shared hosting service. In this service, sharing one server with the owner of another site will be done hosting.

So, within the server, you will share the physical server as well as other software applications with another one. Many of you like this service because it is an affordable hosting service because website owners will share the cost of operating server.

But it holds some drawbacks too because of sharing users will find it slower as compare to others.

Dedicated Hosting:


If you don’t want to compromise upon resources and want to lot off system resources, then this is best. As its name suggests, only one website owner dedicate to it. Because of this, you will able to get faster performance.

You do not need to share your web server with others and can use entirely for your website. However, here, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the server.

But still, it is an excellent choice to host your website because here you will get lots of resources as well as higher-level security also. Cheap web hosting India will also be available for you.

Cheap Web hosting sites will provide you services, but there may be a lack of better performance and system resources.

Collocated Hosting:


In this hosting service, you buy your server to get the facilities of web host service. Here the whole responsibility of server will be with you. But if you want full control of the server, then you should go for it.

With the help of this, you can able to different applications and scripts according to your needs. You can get better services because of cheap web hosting in India.

There are many best hosting sites in India that are providing the same services that other companies are offering at cheap rates.

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Features you should Expect from your Cheap Web Hosting Provider?


If you are using any web hosting or Cheap Web hosting sites, then you should know what features you should expect from them.  Many times you go for web hosting cheap services but failed to get the desired results because they cannot provide you.

There are some features that you need to know about web hosting or cheap Web hosting sites.

Email Accounts

As I have discussed earlier that most of the hosting service providers will ask about domain name to the users. It means you should have your domain name.

If you don’t have a domain name (www. Example.com), then your web hosting company can provide it to you. You hosting company will also offer email account features.

With all this, you will able to create domain email (e.g. yourname@example.com). You should know that cheap Web hosting sites are providing it to you or not.

FTP Access

If you are wondering how you will upload files from your local computer to web server, then FTP will do this for you. Your hosting provider will also allow you access to FTP, and this will help you to upload files to your web server.

In case if you are using your HTML files to build any website, then FTP will help you to transfer data. With the help of this, your website will be able to access with the help of internet. There are best and cheap hosting sites in India that will provide you with every necessary service.

WordPress Support

Another important thing that your service provider will help with web hosting for WordPress or not. It is an essential tool for online Website creation.

If you want to create and manage your website in a convenient way, then WordPress is beneficial for you. So, it is essential to know about your service that you are going to take is WordPress compatible or not.

It is essential to know about web hosting for WordPress service before signing for any web hosting company. There are some things you require to host your WordPress websites. These include PHP version 7 or higher; MySQL version 5.6 or higher.

How to Choose a Cheap Web Hosting Service in India?

I am sure you are eager to know how you can choose a web host or cheap web hosting India. Are you? Ok, I will teach you how you can select the right service for your website.

For this, you need to know what exactly your needs are. After this, you will able to find what different plans you are looking for your website. It will also help you to know about cheap web hosting sites will help you or not. So here we go:

  • What are your Needs
  • Service feature comparison
  • Search for reputed service

Cheap Web Hosting Sites-What are your Needs?

Do you have an idea about your technical needs or still confused with this? If you are, then you need to know how you can get an idea about them.

You have to ask some questions from yourself before choosing a web host service or cheap web hosting sites then you will get the idea about it.

This list of questions will tell you that which web hosting service or cheap web hosting sites will suit you more. So here we go:

  1. Technical Needs

  • Do you feel that you should own a domain name or not?
  • Do you also want to manage your website content or need Web hosting for WordPress?

The Web hosting for WordPress is essential to manage your content on your website.

  • Are you a beginner or proficient in it? If you don’t have any technical knowledge about developing a website, then you need host service that can create an eye-catching and professional site for you. You can use cheap web hosting India or affordable web hosting sites according to your needs.
  • Do you want to pay for your server or sharing is also best for you? There are some options for you like Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress.com that will allow you to get a personal blog without any need of domain name.
  • Do you need any visual panel for installing and updating software?
  • Are planning to migrate your existing website to a new host? If so, do you feel there are a requirement of some specific tools to run that include blogging platform and any supportive apps?
  • Do your needs associated with selling products and services as well as receiving payments?

These are the questions that you need to get answers before choosing any cheap web hosting India or any cheap web hosting sites for your websites.

  1. Consider the size and potential growth.


If you want web hosts services or need cheap web hosting sites, then you need to gauge your potential growth. It will help you to get the idea of what you need in your near future. Before choosing something, you need to ask some questions from yourselves.

Do you feel that your business is flourishing?  Do you think that visitors are increasing to your website? These are the questions that you need to ask about your growth.

While planning to choose any web hosting services or cheap web hosting sites, you need to keep these things in your mind and accordingly select the best web hosting in India.

  1. Learn the difference between different types of web hosting.

Web hosts generally provide three types of plans to the customers, and you should have an idea about all of them.


Shared hosting:


  • When you use this service, then this means you are going to share your resources that include space, bandwidth, CPU Power, and RAM. It means that you are going to use a server that is serving other hosts as well.
  • If you text-based website or associated with any small business then you can go with this service. Here you will get limited bandwidth and space, so if you go with this service, your performance may get slower. There is cheap web hosting India available you can choose any of them with utmost care.

Dedicated hosting:


  • If you are associated with significant business, then you need something like dedicated hosting. When you sign up for this service, then this will entirely be assigned to your site.
  • It can be pricey for you if you are not tech savvy because you need a well-managed service plan. It is the reason you need the best web hosting in India.
  • With this service, you will able to control everything about your website that includes all applications, databases, and security too. Your website will always be up to date.

Virtual Private Servers:

  • Virtual private service shares its features with both shared and dedicated service. It will act like shared service when it shares the physical hardware with other customers too. Whereas act as dedicated hosting when you will able to control every aspect of your website also.
  • It is a service website that is best for the business that relies on customisation and also doesn’t need more bandwidth as well as storage space.

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Cheap Web Hosting Sites: Comparing Service Features

  1. Find out which tools provide

  • If you are choosing any web host services or cheap web hosting sites, then you should be ensured that they are providing all the required services to run your website or not. If not, then you are wasting your time and money on free web hosting sites or any other hosting company. Different services are must for any website to run that include cPanel, WordPress or other blog integration, FTP access, analytics, email support, and many other necessary tools.
  • It is also essential to know which operating system access you are going to get. According to the industry, standard Linux is necessary, but sometimes you can choose windows in some situations as well.
  • If your website is gathering data of customers or related to commerce, then the security system should be proper. Otherwise, it will be risky for customers. No one wants to compromise with their security at any cost. So, before choosing a cheap web hosting sites or web hosting services check about acceptable security tools.
  1. Check the amount of storage offered.

  • All you required a room to grow or expand. If you have not enough space available for your webpages, databases, images, videos, and other data, then you are creating limits for yourselves. So always take care before choosing from cheap web hosting sites.
  • There are many offers given to customers like unlimited storage space. These offers are to attract because there is nothing like unlimited space. It will make a server of host overcrowded and also this will lead to a decrease in the performance of the server.
  • Check all the offers given by different companies about the storage of data. After this check that service that you are going to choose to provide you with enough space to grow or not.
  1. Compare bandwidth amounts between hosts.


  • When you are choosing any service, then you should always clear about the bandwidth. You cannot ignore it because this will allow you to transfer data between your site and your visitors. If your site is heavily visited, then it requires more bandwidth as compared to others. With the best web hosting, you will never feel problem-related to bandwidth.
  • If you are getting unlimited bandwidth services, then it is quite sure that these hosts will be slower as compared to others. So, always try to choose the services or cheap web hosting India services wisely.
  • Always keep in mind that if you exceed the limit of your bandwidth allotment, then your site may stay offline until you pay your next bill. So always remember about the next billing period.
  1. Check out the technical support options.

  • If you are not tech savvy, then it is quite apparent that you require technical support option for 24/7. So, before signing up any service of web hosting sites, you have to inquire about some questions. Do you get the email and chat support for 24/7? Do you able to call if you require? Do you need to pay extra for any technical support or not?
  • There are many services where you don’t get any technical support option. If you are not tech Savvy, then you should avoid such services because this can irritate you. These problems may arise if you go for web host free.

Cheap Web Hosting-Researching a Service’s Claims and Reputation

  1. Test the speed of other sites hosted by a service

  • Speed is the base of your business, and you can’t compromise with it. You can check other websites that are getting hosted by the service that you want to take. There are many hosts they display about the services that they are providing other customers. You can check out their websites to get the idea about the speed.
  • If you feel any trouble or not getting an idea about the sites, then does call or text to ask about your queries.


  1. Check out the service’s uptime claims.

  • All the business sites must have an idea about the “uptime” percentage. This percentage will tell about the availability of your website on the internet. If you own a business website, then customers expect that it should be available for them 24/7.
  1. Read reviews of a company’s customer service and support team.

  • In modern days reviews are considered as word of mouth. They are essential to make your decisions regarding any service and product. You can check out the reviews of web hosting companies or cheap web hosting sites to make your selection process easy. However, the hosting companies manage many reports. That will help you out. You need to search for unbiased reviews.
  • If you are still not getting an idea about the hosting company reputation or still wondering but to choose, then ask, ask, and ask till you not get the answers. There is a forum like Reddit’ s web hosting forum that will help you by providing your reviews as well as recommendations.
  1. Make sure you understand the costs.

  • Cost always matters for everyone. If you are going to choose web hosting services, you need to have the proper idea about your needs and your budget. It will help you from making mistakes. You should avoid problems soon by understanding that what is the cost you are going to pay, about the payments options, and caveats as well. However, sometimes you are assured that you have understood about your price, but still you made mistakes. For free web hosting sites, you don’t pay or for cheap web hosting India services you need to spend less.
  • Most of the time, you feel that services advertisement create confusion. When you saw any services advertise, then you find two rates there that include monthly as well as yearly per plan. You have to decide which is more convenient for you in the future.
  • Sometimes when you take any service, then you find that their promotional rates are low, but with time they get doubles and triples. It is the awful situation you ever met with. So, always check out the plans clearly that for how long these plans are available for you and also get the idea that when the promotion will end how much hike price will take.
  • Web hosts provide various services and products for their customers. Sometimes you sign up for a plan that you not even require. It would be merely wastage of money. So, check properly and grab only those plans that match your needs.

Sometimes you choose a cheap web hosting sites services, but there you find limited services. It may hinder your work. So, you should know about your needs and then accordingly you should move toward choosing any plan.

Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Sites


Video Source

There is a list of some cheap web hosting India services that will help you to provide an appraisal to your website.





SiteGround.com is hosting around 800,000 websites worldwide. It provides web hosting for WordPress and manages it with ease and freedom. It costs about $3.95/month with uptime 99.99%.



It is one of the best web hosts and is hosting around 2,000,000 websites. It provides a free domain, and its 24/7 support is there to assist you.  You will get its services that are starting from 2.75/month.




It is the other one of the best web hosting sites that will provide comfortable service to you. Hostinger costs you $1.45/month and includes uptime 99.87.



It is hosting around 600,000+ websites and is most reliable because of its better services. Its uptime is 99.97%, and it will cost you about $ 2.99/month.




You will find their web hosting better because of the uptime 99.94%, and it will cost you around $6.39/month. You will feel ease because of its fast server speed.

Cheap Web Hosting (Recommendation)

Reseller Club:



It is hosting around 200,000+ websites. They are not very costly and also provide web hosting for WordPress. Their wide range of products will meet your every requirement.

A2 Hosting:

It is hosting around 200,000+ websites and serving with fast load times. It is very convenient to use. The site transfer is quite easy with A2 Hosting. It is also better than others because of its speed and security. Its uptime is 99.91%, and it will cost you around $3.92/month.

Big Rock:


It is the other best web hosting site that can help you to manage your websites. Its costs start from Rs. 399* and very convenient to use for customers.



Godaddy will serve you with a free domain name and also guaranteed 99.9 % uptime. You will able to one-click install of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. You will enjoy its faster lead times. Its cost is

Amazon Aws:

With Amazon Aws, you can use different CMS that include WordPress, Jamola, Drupal, and many more. It is also not very costly and only charge for the resources that you will use.

Cheap Web Hosting Site-Can I Switch Hosting Company?

Are you not happy with your current web host company? Luckily, there is no need to stick with that anymore. You can switch to the new company is troubling you.

There may be various reasons that include dissatisfaction with the speed or problem with content network distribution service. You may find it more costly as compared to others, and also you don’t see it convenient to handle.


Does Changing Website Host Affect SEO?

Are you pondering that changing website will affect SEO or not? Yes, it will affect the SEO of your website. When you change the web hosting company, then you will find that this will affect you in many ways.

One of those changes includes SEO that can affect you. Many things can affect SEO, and these include the server location, server quality, page loading speed, Hosting plans, downtime, and changing website structure.

If you need to change or switch to a new web hosting service, then you need to consider all the consequences. There can be positive as well as negative effects on the site’s SEO.

All these things will depend on your web hosting service or host sites. You need services that can do migrations for you successfully. It may be cheap web hosting services India or you can also use free web hosting sites, but they should be best.

Why Might You Want to Transfer Your Domain Name?


There may find different situations when you people think of transferring your domain name. These circumstances can change your mind to make a shift to other alternative services.

So, if you want to try another service, then you can seek the help of a reputable web host for the same. Here we go with a situation that can persuade you to transfer your domain name:

Paying huge sum for renewals:

Are you paying too much for renewal to your registrar or web host? If yes, then you can change your mind and try any other platform that is compatible with your needs.

There are many services available, and you will find that charges vary from platform to platform. These cheap web hosting sites also possible to give them a try.

The managing domain is painful:

Of course, if you are unable to manage the domain, then you will feel like transferring to another service. There are different platforms, and with a different platform, you will get different experiences.

You will face a problem when your registrar or web host uses the old interface. It will make feel that managing domain is painful for you. If you are using web hosting free services and handling management problem, then you can switch it to another.

Lack of a support system:

If your not tech savvy then undoubtedly you need a reliable support team that can help you with different issues. And your web host is not providing you support options then it changes your mind to transfer your domain name. This problem may arise with free Web hosting sites.

Single platforms for all domains:

If you people are running multiple websites and taking services from different registrars, then it is a little tricky to manage them. However, from the security point view, it is good to spread out across different web host, but it is complicated too.

However, if your current services are world class, then there is no need to transfer your domains. But if you are feeling anything that I have discussed above, later you must try other options.

How to Transfer Your Existing Domain to a New Host?

Now if you want to transfer your existing domain to the new one then here you will get the idea to do it. For this, you need two things available with you that include active domain and an account on the platform where you will transfer it. There are some steps that you have to follow if you need a transfer from your current domain to a new area, and these steps are as follows:

Step 1: Remove Your Domain Lock and Get an Authorization Code

There is a feature called Domain lock that acts as a safeguard and protect your domain to any unauthorised transfers. So, initiate your process of transferring to new domain start with disabling this feature.

However, this feature is effortless to disable but essential to tie your domain with particular service. You need to sign in the specific platform where your domain is registered, and then you have to search for the option to domain lock.

After this, you need to check the option that will help you to receive an authorisation code. You will get this code to the email that is associated with your domain name. This code is essential to authorise the transfer to your new platform. If you got the code, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Initiate a Transfer with Your New Host

In the second step, you need to log in with your new web host. After this find the option of transferring the current domain to a new domain. Different services have different layouts, so you have to search for the opportunity.

You may find it on your dashboard. Now if you have found the option, you have to confirm your new domain and also have to provide your authorisation code.

You need to enter the required information to initiate the process of transfer. However, there is a need for verification too for the transmission, and after this, the process will get started.

Step 3: Verify the Transfer


Now you will get the email to confirm that you want to transfer your current domain to the new domain. You have to wait for this confirmation link, and after getting it, you have to agree all terms proceed further.

One thing you have to keep in mind that for the next 60 days you will not be able to change your domain again. After verification, your new domain will do the heavy lifting for you. Now you left with paying for your services if required.

Step 4: Pay for Your Transfer and Wait for the Process to Complete


To complete the process, you need to pay for your transfer. However, There are many platforms or web hosting provider too that allow you to transfer new domain free of cost.

These different platforms some take more days to complete the transfer after payment, whereas others can take fewer days for the same.

You can also choose a cheap web hosting in India. For this, you need the little search to get better. Once the process completes, you will get your new domain under your management screen.

Cheap Web Hosting Sites-Conclusion

If you are choosing the best web hosting in India means that you are enhancing growth by making the right choice for your website. It is crucial to select the web hosting that takes care of your website, your future growth and the technology used in it.

It is crucial to choose a web hosting with utmost care. If you feel that your website hosting is not considering the different factors, then you can migrate from them.

Consider all the factors that can help you to make the ultimate choice from the cheap web hosting India.  It is always essential to choose the one who can retain your customers to your website.

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