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Change Twitch Name


Change Twitch Name” this is probably the most demanding thing about Twitch that people want to know more. As I know that twitch is the best destination for mostly game lovers. If you think that getting a new username or change Twitch name means you have to switch to the new account then it’s not like that. To make your account again could be very irritating. But You don’t need to follow all the steps all over again to make a new account to change Twitch name.

Frankly, I am here to save you from this disastrous thing of getting a whole new account again to change twitch username.

I am going to tell you about steps that you have to follow to get a new username or change twitch name for the same account. So, there is no need to switch your account but you can switch your usernames. Undoubtedly, you can easily change Twitch name.

Friends, if you are using Twitch account and also get bored from the same user name then try something better.

Here I am going to share some steps that will help you to get the little better username from previous.  So just follow these steps to change twitch username.


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If I change twitch username, will I lose my followers, subscribers, view count, and followed channels?


When you Change twitch name then thousands of questions strike your mind. Especially, you worried about your followers, subscriptions, view count and followed channels. You don’t want to lose any of them. But you don’t need to worry about them.

However, you can lose them if you will make a new account but if you are only changing your username then nothing will happen.

Your viewers will able to see your changed name and every other thing will remain the same. In short, you should go ahead if you want to change your twitch name.


I no longer want my new name. Can I change it again?


Undoubtedly, you can change your twitch name. If you have changed your Twitch name and then you again want to change it then you have to wait for 60 days.

You cannot make changes in the name again and again. but if you want your original name again then it needs 6 months to get that name back.


Can I get the name that is banned?


If you want the name that is already banned then you are unable to get it. These all banned usernames you cannot access because they are excluded permanently. In short, there is a big no for this.


Can I switch name with my another Twitch account?

If you want that you can switch the name of another Twitch account that you own then you are wrong. You cannot do so.


Can people be able to avoid bans or timeouts by making change Twitch Username?


If you are thinking that with the help of this option of change twitch name you can get rid of timeouts, and bans then you are completely wrong. This option will not help you to avoid such things.


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What are the Steps to Change Twitch Name?


It is quite interesting to change Twitch name again and again. This helps you to maintain the excitement that you can loose from the same name. However, some of us feel that it is tedious but it is not like that.

If you also wondering how you can change twitch name then just have a look to steps and follow them.


  • Firstly, Login to your Twitch account with your username and password.
  • In a second, click on the option Settings. and You need to go to your account settings.


  • Now next to the username you will find an Edit button that will look like a pen. and click on that option to move further to change Twitch username.
  • Now after this you need to type your new username that you desire to Change Twitch name.


  • If you will get the green check mark after entering the new username it will indicate that this username is available.
  • Now to Change Twitch name you need to Update this. So, click on the option Update.
  • Now after Update Change Twitch name you need to verify it with the Twitch password. After this, you are good to go.

When will inactive usernames get available?


If you people wondering that when the inactive usernames will get active again then it will be recycled periodically. In short, all the users can get these names in batches.


If my account is reclaimed by Twitch then new username owner will able to access my information or not?

No, the new username owner will be unable to access your information. You should not worry about your data that include information on a credit card, setting, and history. Undoubtedly, they will unable to access it.



How do I protect my account from being reclaimed?




If you want to do this then you will simply log into your account and then refresh your account. After this, your account is removed from the deletion list. You will find that your Channel URL, as well as your username, will change automatically.

If you were thinking of creating a new account to change twitch name then this may lead toward loose followers and subscribers. But all the steps that we have discussed with you to change twitch username can help you to protect your followers as well as subscribers.

All the viewers of your channel will able to view your new name. But if you are thinking that you can frequently change your Twitch name then you are wrong.

Once you have changed the name after that it will take 60 days if you again want to change Twitch username. But after 60 days you can make changes. In short, after one change you have to wait for some days.


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What is the Best Twitch Username?


This is a streaming platform and gamers use this for playing video games. It is so easy to use because users only need to set an account and then after this, they can simply stream video games all around the World.

But when you set up an account you always need the best username. Sometimes you have account and username as well but you want to change Twitch username.

It is very important that when you change Twitch username it should be unique and attractive than previous one.  If you are also wondering that what could be your new username and also need to change Twitch username then here is the list.


Best Twitch Name List


If you are wondering that what could be your new username and also need to change Twitch username then here is the list. You can get the idea from here.




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Some Popular Twitch UserNames

Here, I am sharing a bunch of good and popular names. those have got already more people engagements and have millions of followers and views. if you like any of them then undoubtedly you can choose anyone for your Twitch name.

  • Titanism
  • Aslan
  • Fulgurate
  • Benan
  • Midlenting
  • Fixer
  • Exigible
  • Lifeb
  • Sleech
  • Tarat
  • Edacious
  • Youb
  • Ebony-was
  • Ripon
  • Vagus
  • Shortskier
  • Almuce
  • Behnken
  • Ventrad
  • Tolson
  • DoodleDaisy
  • Gekkav
  • Scaramouch
  • Aquaf
  • Conification
  • Sonvan
  • Jamb
  • Catcor
  • TweetiePie
  • Jesuit
  • Dotish
  • Global
  • Happiness
  • Borog
  • Vaporose
  • Sormik
  • Hue
  • Latvia
  • Pinnace
  • Gutsyfin
  • Psychomancy
  • Llewell
  • Warrener
  • One2t
  • Lusory
  • Infiel
  • Enjambment
  • Zachman3
  • Autology
  • Kryptobrin
  • Divulsion
  • GhostlyGhast
  • Sapor
  • Nepos
  • Aph0nology
  • Lexia
  • Macro_mancy
  • Infiel
  • Grognard
  • Madjos
  • Yugen
  • Bcc17
  • Gro-Matics
  • Spiker
  • Wapenshaw
  • Pridec
  • Mollitious
  • Uffam
  • Protocolist
  • The_fac
  • Cimelia
  • Leg_pull
  • Frondose
  • Muriel
  • Joggle
  • Lula
  • Barm_cloth
  • Hoptrid
  • Desquamate
  • Colorimeter
  • Pubigerous
  • Nephro
  • Netizen
  • Zoysia
  • Fuzzwuzz
  • Specular
  • Lerymbro
  • Pessary
  • Proairesis
  • Slacken
  • Frugiferous
  • Spikey8
  • Mixen
  • Bip_heny
  • Effulge
  • Drop_har
  • Demesne
  • Sychipay
  • Cynophilist
  • Blunder
  • Hierology
  • Lighton
  • Promethean
  • Keroth
  • Wasser
  • Equable
  • Kehel
  • Pygia
  • Slimeap
  • Lilliputian
  • Whimsey
  • Monaxial
  • Dalliance
  • Ariet
  • Isomagnetic
  • Kesha
  • Didascalic
  • The_em
  • Scrannel
  • K9kool
  • Accomplish
  • Xxtoas
  • Smorgasbord
  • Fluke19
  • Olfactometer
  • Endem
  • SympliCutie
  • Nesson
  • Verve
  • Droffir
  • Fastigiate
  • Cowman6
  • Iliac
  • Drummond
  • Sutile
  • Upstan
  • Queyock
  • Ruptur
  • Adorer
  • Ifat
  • Succiferous
  • Patar
  • Altarage
  • Hoskag
  • Diffinity
  • Nathanp
  • Goosebump
  • Mc_danger
  • Duende
  • Glowman


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