Change IMEI Number In Android Phone

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Change IMEI Number


HHello, readers, we are here with another article with a sole purpose to help you. Here we are going to tell you some tricks to change IMEI number in Android. Many questions would be hovering around you about this unique identification number. Now some of them include why there is a need to change IMEI number in Android? If we will replace it, can we use the same apps again or not?

Many apps ask about your IMEI number before using them. But the changed number will also allow you to use these apps without any hindrance.
There are some methods that you need to follow to change the unique identification number. Here below, we have discussed two ways that can help you to improve IMEI number in Android.

Why There Is Need To Change The IMEI Number?

Many of you would be thinking that why people need to change this 15 digit number. If you already have a number available with you then why to change it?
Many possible reasons can convince people to change the IMEI number. You can say that many things can lead people to change the IMEI number.
These reasons are as follows:
  • Some people try to change the IMEI number in Android to perform the illegal task.
  • Some people feel they need to change it because they want to know the phone technology more.
  • Some people want to make themselves untraceable, and that is the reason they change the IMEI number in Android.

How can you Change IMEI Number in Android?


For all the readers, we are going to discuss two methods to change your IMEI number in Android. These two methods will use the rooted Android phone, and another one is without root.

First Method

You need to root your Smartphone to perform the next steps. When you root your phone, then you have to install Xposed installer app. But in the other method without root, you don’t need to rooted Android phone.
When you change the number without the root method, you only need a Mobile Uncle Tool for this purpose. With this tool, you can change the IMEI number in your uprooted Smartphone easily.
Here below, you can check all the requirements that you need to follow these steps.

Requirements To Change IMEI Number In Android Phone With Root:

If you want to change your IMEI Number in Android with root, then you need some things before starting the process. First, make sure that you have all the necessary items available with you.
Here we have discussed the requirements that are must have:
  • Need to install Xposed Installer
  • IMEI Changer App
  • Internet connection is a must
  • Rooted Smartphone

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Steps To Change IMEI Number of  your Android Phone:

IMEI number in Android device can be changed in two ways that include with root and without roots.

You have to make sure that you have all the necessary things available to follow these steps. We have explained the requirements above that can help you quickly.

Here we are going to tell both the ways for the readers.

Change IMEI Number with Root in any Android Phones:

To move further in the process of changing the IMEI number in Android, you have to install the Xposed framework in the rooted android mobile phone.
If you have all these things available, then you can quickly move forward. You don’t need to worry because this method is for all android versions.

So just check the further steps below:

  • First of all, make sure that you are available with the original IMEI number of your Android device for some future use.
  • To get your original IMEI number, you can check the packaging phone and also dial *#6# from the keypad and this will display your original IMEI. You can also check in settings as well.
  • In the next step, you have to open the Xposed installer application on your phone. Now you will go to modules to tickmark IMEI Changer app.
  • Now to go further, you need to restart your Smartphone. To get a faster restart, you can try a soft reboot of the Xposed installer.
  • After this when you will open IMEI Changer then you will find Real IMEI number in the “Current IMEI option”.
  • Now with the help of “New IMEI number option,” you can change your existing number to a new number according to your wish.  After this, you have to click on apply.
  • Now you will get your new number in the“Current IMEI number box”.
  • If you want to confirm that you have changed it successfully or not, then you can check by dialling *#6#.
  • Now you will find that you have performed it correctly. It not at all the tedious job if you have all the necessary things available with you.

Change IMEI Number without Root in MTK Chipset Devices:


If you don’t want to use the root or want to eliminate this step, then there is another way that can help you to change IMEI Number in Android.
You can change the IMEI Number without roots also, and in this method, you only need one tool that is called “Mobile Uncle Tool.
Here you have to follow these steps:
  • In this trick, you don’t need any rooted device to change your IMEI.
  • You need mobile uncle tool for this. So, download “Mobile uncle tool” on your Android phone.
  • When downloading will get finished you have to install it to proceed further.
  • On this tool, you will follow this Select Engineer>> Engineer mode option to go further.
  • After scrolling down, you have to click on the option of CDS Information.
  • Now you have to click on the “Radio information option” to get further two options called “Phone 1” and“Phone 2”.
  • You have to select the “Phone 2” option to go further to get another option “AT+”.
  • In the next step, you have to type “AT+ (space) your 1MEI number”.
  • Now in the final step, you have to save your settings by clicking on SEND AT COMMAND.
  • If you want to make sure that your number is successfully changed or not then dial, *#6# and this will display your changed number on your screen.

Now you have changed the IMEI Number. These are an easy way to change the IMEI . You can change it correctly if you follow these steps.


Final Words

The idea of changing IMEI or International Mobile Equipment identity of any android phone is not that good because of the many disadvantages associated with it.
But sometimes you can also get some advantages or some extra benefits by changing the IMEI number in Android.
Many times we say that IMEI number can be beneficial to get the idea about the stolen device. But sometimes you can make your device untraceable for others by making changes in the IMEI number.
With the above-discussed method, you can change the IMEI if you need it. If you follow the methods step by step, then you will able to change the IMEI number successfully.

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