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6 Tips for Finding the Best Website Designer

Web designing plays a very important role in the success of a website. A website with great design tends to attract more viewers than a website designed very poorly. In this fast-moving age, every click count. It’s a matter of only 5 minutes of a viewer viewing your website or skipping your link.

It is a proven fact that 38% of users tend to skip a site if it lacks good content or an attractive layout. So to have a successful website and to boost your website visitors you need to focus on your web designs.

Hire a website designer for your business and you can use web designing service that can turn your idea into a user-friendly attractive dream website.

While opting for one of all for your business, you need to list your needs rather than all the offers you may have in the bucket.

While selecting one, stop looking for the best one in the market but try to find the best possible match according to your requirements and business.


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Check their Portfolio

Before you opt for a designer for your website, make sure to check their portfolio and past experiences. Try to be sure if they have any experience with your industry for better results. This way you’ll have a better insight into their company.

If you see they have worked with clients from the same industry as yours, search those websites to have a better knowledge of how suitable they will be for you.

Searching the websites created by them will let you have a proper idea of if you like their designing or not.

If even can let you know the changes they have made lately with their designs and how effective those changes are.


Client Testimonials

After viewing the company’s portfolio, you need to look at their client testimonials. Client testimonials allow you to have a brief idea about how the company deals with its clients.

For example try to find the client reviews on websites like LinkedIn, GlassDoor, and Google. 

Having more positive client reviews ensures a better response and work history of a certain company.

If you spot a lot of people sharing positive reviews about a particular company that ensures that the company is reliable and your project is in safe hands.


Budget and Pricing

The budget always plays an important role before you opt for a company. When you go ahead with a web designing company, make sure that they are affordable for you.

A budget regarding problems arising while the project is on mid-way is not at all acceptable.

So while opting for a company, go through the prices listed on the web for the given company before you start working with them.

Some companies don’t reveal their pricing online. They expect you to contact them and then decide on the pricing and all.


Define Technical Needs

Selecting a designer without being clear about your technology-based needs from your website can be extremely confusing for both you and the designer. So, before you contact a designer be clear with what you want from your website and how you want it to be.

Be sure whether you want to build a brochure site- that will contain all the basic and contact information or you want a site with specific functionality.

Though critical, this step is extremely important as this step determines the kind of web designer you are going to require for your website.

A pure-play web designer works based on Photoshop, focuses on branding, imagery, color pallets, feels and user experience.

A pure-play designer does not work using HTML or CSS. For that, they will associate with front-end web developers. Front-end developing is basically what a user views and navigates.

This front-end will be working on HTML and/or CSS and will be comfortable with back-end developments as well.

Back-end technology refers to databases, scripts, and APIs. This makes sure that all the computers can perform well together.

Hence, it’s always better to hire an agency than an individual developer to avail of all the services at once.


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Business Requirements

Before you choose a designer, be sure if they understand your business requirements. Cause for obvious reason, an online retail website, and an online book store will have different features, specifications are outlook.

So before hiring a developer make sure they know the kind of designing they need to apply for your business. 

Cause a design that will be quite perfect and appealing for a book store will not be at all welcome for a tech-based website. 

Hence, designing a website always needs to be done keeping the business requirements and the customers in mind.


Additional Services

While hiring a web designer for your website, try to know if they offer any additional services. Cause when you are working on a new website,

it’s not only about designs and the business market. When it comes to the online market, there are a lot more factors involved in it that you shouldn’t overlook. 

To promote your services, you might need Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or a copywriter/content writer to create good content for your website.

So for better results, opt for a full-service agency that can provide you with more than just the web page designing.

By opting for a full-service agency, you can avail of all the services in one place that is more convenient for you.



Web designing plays a very crucial part of a successful online business. To be able to engage more traffic, you need to have a web site that will be engaging and user-friendly. 

While launching be sure that your website isn’t too bulky or doesn’t contain too much to confuse or bore the users.

A website developed having good designing, that is built keeping its audience and their requirements in mind will be more beneficial for you.

A web page, designed in a user-friendly way and as well as having good designs that can let them have a good experience will draw more attention.



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