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Best Free Video Editors-Video Editing Software-2019

Best Free Video Editors

Best free video editors are effortless and appropriate way to edit videos. We all know that video is an important part of our content market strategy. Video editing software will make your brand look attractive and professional.

And for beginners, it is the easiest way to start. Amazing video content can help improve conversions and return on investment on your online store.

Approx 50% marketers use Youtube and Instagram to promote their business so there should be proper video editing that can attract customers.

And if you don’t know how to create a professional video we are here to suggest you best free video editors with their features. With that, you can easily create quality videos without wasting time and money.

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Top 10 Best Free Video Editors

1. FilmoraGo


FilmoraGo is a free video editing app that offers simple and high-quality video editing and allows you to create brilliant compositions using a clip from your phone’s memory.

It will not stamp a watermark on your clip and you share amazing videos on Instagram, Youtube etc.

FilmoraGo is for mobile editing and Filmora Scrn is for screen recording and editing. This is the best free video editing software for Android.

The design of this video editor is simple and easy to use, overlays, transitions, motion elements, and comes replete with filters.

It’s a powerful video editor for designing amazing projects using your own photos and videos. Filmora video editor is the on of the popular editor.

Requires Android 4.2 or higher. download a free app for android 

wondershare filmora for windows

Features :

Simple editing: FilmoraGo is easy to use, you have to import videos or photos from your device’s memory and edit them. By using basic editing tools like trim your videos, adjust image quality, crop and rotate your media as you want.

Import files: From this, you can directly import files from your phone. It supports all key standard and HD videos like AVI, MP4, MPG, 3GP, MPEG, M4V etc.

Share instantly: Here you can export your videos and share. You can upload them on social sites.

Other features: Effective filters, Overlays, Music, Text & titles are the other features of FilmoraGO.

2. Viva Video


This is a best free video editor that enables you to work with images and videos to create your own video.

Features :

  1. Easy to use.
  2. You can trim or merge videos in this.
  3. Include various stickers, filters, music, transitions, texts and also live dubbing.
  4. Viva video supports multiple camera features.
  5. Also a special selfie camera with seven captivating lenses.
  6. The simplest way to turn your photos into a masterpiece in just several clicks.
  7. You can use nine funny lenses in this.

Viva video is free but for the additional feature, you can upgrade it to viva video pro which costs $2.99.

download a free app for android

3. iMovie

iMovie app with a with an effective design and instinctive multi-touch gestures, it lets you rejoice your videos like never before.

You can browse your video library and share or create favorite videos. This is the best free video editing software for mac.

Turn your videos into movie magic free download iMovie for ios

download free iMovie for macros

Features :

1. Timeline

The Timeline is the salient feature that makes it to stand out from other video editors for Mac. If you’re not a experienced in any video editing, you could view video clips in the project as a long horizontal line instead of stacked vertical groups.

Luckily, it is easy to move between the linear timeline and default stacked timeline. If you want to switch to a linear timeline, click the horizontal display button in the top right corner of the project window.

And to switch again in default stacked view you just need to click on the button again. So this is the most beneficial feature in the latest version of iMovie.

2. Shortcuts

This is an extraordinary feature in the latest version of iMovie that you do not have to take all the time going across a clip. It offers key shortcuts include jumping forward, moving to the next frame or previous frame and marking the start and points of a clip during editing.

4. Audio

Here you feel freely adjust levels of your audio clip. It is very easy to accessing this feature as you just require to select the clip and hit it off on the audio button.

5. Sharing

In the previous versions of iMovie, it is not possible to share your edited videos across mobile devices. This feature enable you to save your project for play under any platform like Apple TV. iPhone or Mac etc. It gives you an amazing experience in playing your videos.

6. Trimmer

This is a very essential feature that you can’t ignore while editing videos in iMovie. It is used to speed up the editing process and fortunately, the new version is simple to use.

It helps you to confirm the timing and length of the clip to enjoy the advanced one. To access this feature you just have to click twice on the clip and then drag in the video to trim.

7. Detection

This feature used to detect a face which helps to track the people and tag them. It is not like that you can find their identity or specific details but still it’s a beneficial feature.

8. Green screen controls

It is useful when you have to soften the effects. However, it is accessible from the “video overlay tools ” section.

9. Trailers and themes

It enables you to select video clips from the project to avail you come up with the best trailer.

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4. Adobe Premiere pro cc: Photoshop


Basically, it’s a timeline based best free video editing software. Adobe premier pro is developed by Adobe Systems and first launched in 2013.

It is used as professional video editing. Adobe Premier pro cc has a clear and flexible interface and responsive speed. Free trail is available in this.


1. Multiple clips

In this, you can load multiple clips into the source monitor using shortcut keys Shift + 2. which allows you to cycle among each of the clips which make your work easier.

2. Photoshop

In Adobe premier pro cc adobe photoshop files can be directly opened to be edited in photoshop. In this, any changes will immediately be updated and saved.

3. Supports HD videos

It supports up to 10,240*8,192 resolution in both YUV and RGB at up to 32 bits per channel color. Premier pro CC supports a wide variety of audio and video file formats.

4. Supports 3D editing

Premier pro CC also supports 3D editing with the capability to view 3D material using 2D monitors.

5. Comparison view

This is the signature feature of premium pro CC. It is a one button way to compare current and another short in the timeline. It is a necessity with the new color match feature.

6. Lumteri effects

Lumteri effects is a feature that makes toggling color grads on and off much simpler. Just set a custom keyboard shortcut for this and you can swiftly do before and after comparisons of your grade. It makes easier to stat your grade from scratch rather than manually resetting the controls.

7. Video Limiter effect

In the latest update, you can apply video limiter during an edit, during compression or during an export using adobe media Encoder.

8. Auto Ducking

It is the popular feature in premier pro which refers to lowering the music level beneath dialogue track. Auto Ducking is a monotonous process when done manually.

5. Corel VideoStudio


Corel VideoStudio first released in 2006 and it’s the latest version is Corel VideoStudio Pro 2018. It transforms your videos and photos into impressive movies in an easy way.

This is the first and best free video editor that offers motion tracking. It is the best professional video editing software free or you can download its premium version for additional features.

1. Simple editing

This software allows you to both timeline oriented and story board editing. It supports different formats so the video can be exported to AVI, HD-DVD, DVD or AVCHD.

2. Overlay

We can overlay an image, video, text or flash animation. It is a useful feature but the number of overlays is limited.

3. Plug-ins

It supports VFX-type plugins and the proDAD plug-ins Script, Roto pen, Mercalli-stabilizer, and Vita scene are bundled with X4, X5, and X6.

4. Multi-camera

It supports Multi camera editing with 4 or 6 cameras according to the version. This enables users to sync and align clips, cut, switch angles, add and delete transitions.

5. Proxy video files

Supports editing of HD videos. Basically, proxy files are the smaller version of a video source that improves performance during editing.

6. InShot-Best Free Video Editing App


InShot is the best Free video editor app with amazing features. This app particularly designed to ameliorate the final results for any video that you want to upload on Instagram.

In this, you will a lot of fascinating tools. This is the best photo and video editing software. even, Inshot included in the list of best free video editing apps for the phone.

Features : 

  1. You can edit photos and videos for Instagram with ease.
  2. I allow you split, trim, rotate or flip the video clip or easily create a collage.
  3. Another feature is added text and emojis to your photo or video.
  4. There are a ton of animation stickers and fun filters that you add to your video content.
  5. Add video filters, music, sound, and video effects, voice covers and sync sound by using Inshot timeline feature. Even you can adjust both visual and audio portions.
  6. Share high definition videos with just one click on social sites.
  7. It includes music and links to music creators on soundcloud,
  8. To remove watermarks, unlock additional stickers, remove advertisements, filter packages you can upgrade it to Inshot Pro.
  9. Inshot includes canvas for YouTube, Instagram etc.
  10. You can adjust filter strength in this to get the perfect look.

7. DaVinci Resolve Studio


DaVinci Resolve Studio used for profession online video editing, color correction, visual effects and audio post.

It is one of the best free video editing and photo editing software for windows 10 and other versions.

Features :

1. Friendly interface

It has a lot of editor friendly features that you can do astonishing editing through Davinci. Multi cam editing allows you to trim program during other things are paying in the background in real time. To create multiple clips, various camera angles can be synched and switched. Here video and image layers can be rotated, animated using motion paths. In addition, multiple key frames can be selected.

2. Color correction

It allows you to copy, extract, swap or extend the imported nodes. In addition, it also takes care of the edges and keeps them from being overly pointed. High and low softness can be managed convincingly. It enables to adjust saturation, luminance, hue of the image by picking colors from that particular image.

3. Supports High dynamic range grading

It helps in creating the videos in Ultra HD format. From this, the content turns out to be all powerful and visually noticeable which is the combination of more immersive and realistic colors, deeper shadows, highlights, and richer contrast.

4. Noise reduction

It is used to reduce temporal noise by applying spatial noise reduction techniques.

5. Motion Blur effects

In this feature frames with just the right amount of motion look exceptionally natural. It automatically adjusts the blur based on movement by detecting which part of the clip is in motion.

8. Video Show


Video Show is the easiest movie maker used by millions of people all over the world. However, the video show is the best free video editors for beginners.

Features :

  1. You can zoom and rotate video as you want.
  2. Video show is the fastest video creator without pre transcoding.
  3. For an Instagram user, it offers square mode and themes.
  4. A wide range of fonts and text styles are supplied.
  5. In Video show you can compress your video.
  6. It enables to share your video on social sites.
  7. It provides more than 50 elaborate themes and 30 impressive filters.
  8. Even you can mix photo and photo together.

You can also try its premium version which has some additional features:

  1. Remove watermarks and ads.\
  2. It supports exporting 1080p video and also supports 4k video.

9. Quick -Best Free Video Editor

Quick video editor lets you create amazing videos from photos or clips on your device. It is available on both Android and IOS.

Features :

It has auto editing features.

Quick editing.

10. Vegas pro 16 Edit

Here Vegas pro 16 Edit has all the features that you require in professional editing. It is the latest and best free video editor.

Features :

1. Motion tracking

It allows you to detect one or more objects in your video. You can track their position and apply effects.

2. Speed

It creates your video faster than any other best free video editors.

3. HDR support

It delivers your creativity in the HDR color space for the most realistic colors that viewers have ever seen.

4. Video stabilization

It allows you to recover problem footage. This tool has been designed with state of art technology.

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  • You can use these best free video editors to creating spectacular videos. Hope you will have a great experience with editing.
  • If you have any query or suggetion for us, please let me know by comments. we will appreciate your help.

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