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10 Best Emulators For Android 2019

Best Emulators for Android

Android devices can be seen with almost everyone these days. And who wouldn’t love these with the availability of top of the line devices and their seamless features? With the ever inclining popularity of Android systems, Android Emulators are seemingly catching a lot of hype.

From gamers enjoying a wholesome experience to developers testing out attractive apps, users yearn to experience unified features of Android OS on Windows PC with the availability of a keyboard and mouse.

Performance-wise there are far ahead of other popular iOS PC emulators. To begin with, there are a lot of emulators in the market.

However, it’s best to know about their functionality and characteristics before moving on to any recommended emulator.


What are Emulators for Android?


Emulators are programs and hardware devices, pretending to be various programs and tools that are expected to interact with other applications and components.

Let’s suppose you’ve got a 3270 emulator, so with its help you’d be able to communicate and control a PC while using it with 3270 workstations.

All instances in Android Emulators require the use of an Android virtual device (AVD) for specifying hardware characteristics. And an Android version of the particular simulated machine.

With each AVD, you get functions of an independent tool in addition to the device’s private data storage, SD card, etc.

Users apply emulation processes for recreation of software and hardware environment similar to a PC on another device.

After completion of the emulator, users can easily access different OS and apps on the emulated system, and the host system runs the original software.



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How does it Work for Android?


A lot of emulation work is involved in operating external programs. These works include simulation of all hardware component abilities same as software components.

Emulators mimic or act similarly to the operating system and hardware of other devices.

After installing an emulator, you’ve got a virtual console where you can install various other applications and can play around with the system.

Whether you’re thinking of checking out Android before purchasing a device, design and test Android applications or sync apps between Android phone or tablet and PC, you’ve got a lot of utilities on hand.



Benefits of Emulators for Android


From gamers enjoying a wholesome experience to developers testing out attractive apps, users yearn to experience unified features of Android OS on Windows PC with these emulators.

Performance-wise there are far ahead of other popular iOS PC emulators. Whether you’re just shifting from iOS device to Android or are looking after testing out custom ROM,

there are endless possibilities available with Android Emulators. While Bluestacks has always been a favorite in the world of Android emulators for Windows and Mac PCs,

a lot of others have also established them in the top line, and a total Android experience on PC recommended a lot of other firmly.



Best Emulators for Android

We’ve compiled the list of best possible Android emulators for Windows PC with their advantages and useful features.


Bluestacks 4


Being the most renowned and used one among all Android system emulators for PC, Bluestacks tops the list with a lot of reasons. For a beginner, the emulator is compatible with Mac and Windows OS.

It is also the one that ideally works and still can get a lot of updates. Bluestacks features are at par with the requirements of mobile gamers, and the emulator can easily be set up.

It does well with Keyboard mapping but doesn’t comply fine with gestures. Bluestacks 4 launches multiple instances that let you enjoy various games at a time.

Recent update on Bluestacks 4 introduced better speed on older computers and worked smoothly on the latest laptops and computers.



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Nox Player


Android gamers target Nox Player. Although the emulator works well for Android applications and anyone can get involved in the Android experience,

the experience is suitable for playing a lot of games such as Justice League and PUBG.

Nox Emulator is entirely free without any sponsored advertisements. Player lets you have keys for Mouse, Keyboard, and Gamepad.

You can assign various keyboards for gestures, for instance, mapping shortcut that lets you swipe right.

Also, you’ll be able to specify RAM and CPU usage in multiple settings options for the best possible gaming outcomes. With Nox player, you can root the virtual device just under a minute.

The issue with Nox is that the system suffers through a lot of loads. Thus with its usage, you won’t be able to run a lot of apps properly. The app runs on Android 5 Lollipop and higher OS.



Android Studio

Android Studio is a development IDE (Integrated development environment) emulator by Google and has top of the line features for a lot of developers.

The emulator is available with the combination of a few plugins and tools for helping developers for building and testing applications.

Android Studio isn’t meant to handle general usage and heavy gaming. The emulator doesn’t set up quickly but is among the favorite of a lot of developers.

Unquestionably the emulator isn’t meant for general usage but is ideal for heavy gaming.

Even being a little tough for setting up, the application remains a personal favorite for a lot of developers.



Genymotion emulator is specially designed for developers as they can test applications on a lot of devices despite not being the owner.

It has a configuration for a lot of tools with different android versions for suitability.

For instance, users can have Android 6.0 and run Nexus 6 or Android 4.2 and run Nexus One. Users can easily change between different virtual devices whenever they want.

The tool is ideal for different consumer uses, but Genymotion also offers services that are free for personal use. The handiest feature is its support for cloud and your desktop computer as well.

People who work on older systems can work efficiently with Genymotion’s servers.



In simple words, PrimeOS emulator is a standout among all others in the space. An emulator could not start it precisely.

PrimeOS is installed as a system partition and the software boots up while running native Android.

Gamers have enjoyed a lot of support features for a complete Android experience, although productivity can use by the app.

PrimeOS is available with a game-oriented center and also supports keyboard and mouse. With PrimeOS, users can access a lot of games and apps.

The emulator operates similarly to Chrome OS without all Chrome parts. With the emulator, you can watch video content, multitask, or play games while choosing.

Primeau hasn’t gone through a lot of testing but is among the top contenders in the store.




The IDE Xamarin operates quite similarly with Android Studio. And the significant difference you get with this emulator is that it can easily plug into resources such as Microsoft Visual Studio for a more comprehensive development environment.

Also, similarly to Android Studio, the app is available with a built-in emulator for game or application testing.

The entire setup is quite tedious for fixed consumption. Xamarin’s emulator isn’t quite powerful when comparing with Genymotion.

However, if you’re quite keen on using this and it compiles well with your requirements, it only helps a lot in the job. Xamarin is free for personal usage.

More strong teams and companies would need to negotiate payment plans.


Other Emulators for Android


Make your own

As suggested by its name, with this one, you can easily create your emulator. Here is how you can work with it. Firstly, download VirtualBox.

You later need to download necessary images from Android x86.org. From here on, it would just be a matter of finding one among different online guides.

And It is among many other methods, but this isn’t quite as difficult or tedious when compared with setting up an entire IDE such as Xamarin or Android Studio.

It’s better to thoroughly go through the tutorial and collect a little knowledge before you begin with the emulator.

Without doing so, it can turn out to be quite buggy and fixing it is a challenging task if you’re not much familiar with coding. Still, how would you be able to customize this is totally up to you.



Bliss OS

Compared to all other emulators in the list, Bliss OS is quite different. Where other “Android emulators online” work by emulating the Android system on your Windows system, Bliss OS,

on the other hand, is itself the Android operating system and requires installation as a separate OS.

As for the installation process, you can make use of a Virtual Box, or you’re able to create a bootable USB drive while installing Bliss OS ROM on external storage.

Now the installation of Bliss OS or other Android x86 based projects can be quite better if you’re in search of original Android experience on PC.

Bliss OS is open source and doesn’t encompass any ads or clutter from other Android emulators.


Remix OS

The Remix OS is certainly different software compared to all other emulators with a different set of features. It is an Android OS which user can boot.

Unlike many other emulators that fit comfortably on Window top, Remix OS installation requires a whole partition.

The Remix OS is a useful product from Jide Technology, a company formed through former employees from Google. You can store Remix OS on USB devices, and it can quickly boot on from there to different computers anywhere in the world.

The Remix OS emulator is excellent for productivity applications, but if you’re looking for the secure gaming experience, this doesn’t help a lot.




Also known as DuOS, AMIDuOS is another excellent Android emulator by the developers of American Megatrends, a Georgia-based corporation.

Before you begin with the DuOS installation process, you need to be sure that you’ve enabled “Virtualisation Technology” in BIOS and you’ve also got a Microsoft Net framework 4.0 or much above.

The emulator works fine with Android 5.1 Lollipop OS but can be downloaded in Jellybean systems as well.

An important thing to note is that the emulator isn’t available with Google Play Store, but it ships with the Amazon App Store.

However, this shouldn’t be a significant concern as APKs in the emulator can run apps. You can right-click on the APK file in Windows OS, and it presents you with the option to install APK directly in DuOS.

Coming to hardware support, it is compatible with external GPS hardware and gamepads as well.

With the available configuration tool, you can set the Ram amount with DPI and frames per second in an old-fashioned way.

A simple feature is that this can smoothly be run in “root mode” as well. It means that you can run all rooting apps and you’ve got baked-in root functionalities.

Without a keyboard, mapping gameplay doesn’t work well. The emulator has a 30-day trial version, and the full version is available for $15.


FAQ: Is Android Emulator Safe?

Answer: Quora



With these best emulators for Android PC, you can efficiently perform a variety of tasks on your PC with the functionality of an Android device.

Whether your sole concern is thorough app testing, gaming or working on a variety of applications on your PC, you won’t merely get wrong with all of the above-listed emulators.

There are many emulators for android /PC are available. And we have tried to explain the best and more secure emulators.

Anyway, if you want to know any other emulators so, please let me know by comments. We will be happy to help you. 



Which Emulator of the above list is your favourite?





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