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How to Backup iPhone to iCloud?-iCloud Backup

How to Backup iPhone to iCloud?


You, people, use the device for your convenience and because of its charming features. When you use iPhone or iPad you want the security of your data and also want to avoid any cumbersome process of backing up your personal data. There was a time when it was really a tedious job to backup your data. But now with the arrival of backup iPhone to iCloud, you can move your data to the iCloud to make everything so smooth for yourself.

After getting iCloud Apple tried to come up with the incredibly simple way that is back up iPhones to iCloud. There are lots of things that you need to know about the backup an iPhone to iCloud.

So I am really going to cut the chase and introduce you about questions that are surely swarming into your head.

There are many people who are unaware of the process of the iCloud backup and this tutorial is for them to clear all their doubts related to the iPhone iCloud Backup. So here we go:



What is iPhone iCloud Backup?


iCloud Backup or iPhone iCloud Backup is the easy and convenient way for you to get a copy of your stored data in your iOS devices that include iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This is the speedy and best way to manage your data on your iOS devices.


How does Back up iPhone to iCloud work?



Many of us have a habit of back up data regularly in their iPhone or iPad. Undoubtedly this is a good habit and this can help you to secure your important data. Backup iPhone to iCloud is an easy and convenient way to secure your data.

iCloud Backup will help you to generate a new copy of your personal data to secure it from any loss. If you know that your iPhone or iPad is already backed up in iCloud then it is easy to set up your new device as well as you can restore it on the old device that you are using.

But for using this you need an active account to make your data backed up on your iPhone or iPad.  To know in details you need to scroll down.

After setting up your iCloud backups by default you will get up 5GB storage and if you have limited space available then you can also buy it.


What do you Backup in iCloud?


Now before using iCloud Backup, you should get the exact idea that what you people can back up in iCloud. Here you can check it out about the list of things that you can back up in iPhone to iCloud.

  • Text, MMS messages, and iMessage
  • Music, TV shows, apps, movies, and books that you purchased
  • All the photos and videos
  • Device settings
  • home kit Configuration
  • Ringtones
  • App Data
  • Home screen and app organization
  • Visual Voicemail

There is one thing that you need to note that your iCloud will back up information that stored to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch only. It will not back up all the information stored already that include Bookmarks, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, shared photos, data related to Health, Call history, iCloud Drive files, and Notes.

How to Manage your iCloud Backup Storage?



When you use your backup iPhone to iCloud in your Apple device then it is important to get the idea that how you can manage your iCloud storage. Sometimes you store a lot more data and exceed the storage limit. So, this is important to learn how you can manage it.

As you know that by default you will get 5 GB space and you can buy it if you require more. Here we will tell you that from where you can buy more space and how. You can use this space for keeping your photos, and videos and also other data.

If you need more space then their plans start from 50GB to 200GB. You can get 50GB in $0.99 (USD) for a month. But you have to remember one thing that to store all your new photos and videos to iCloud Backup should be enabled.

Otherwise, your iCloud backup will not update your information.


How much Storage is Available with your Backup iCloud storage?


Here you are going to get the idea about your available storage on your Backup iCloud for your iPhone, and iPad.

  • For your  iOS : First go to Settings > [user name] > iCloud >Tap to iCloud Storage.
  • And For iOS 10.2 : first go to Settings > iCloud > Storage.
  • If you are using PC: Open iCloud for Windows

How to Make More Space Available in Backup iCloud?


To make more space available to backup more data you can delete the old content in iCloud. This will help to free more space for you. All the things that you are not using can be deleted to use the space for new things.


How to Backup to iPhone to iCloud?

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Back up iPhone to iCloud will start from the Settings app on the iPhone. However, this process of iCloud Backup will be same for both the iPad and iPhone. But you will find little difference because of the different screen size of the devices.

  • The first thing you need to take care of is your internet connection.
  • Next, you need to open the “ settings” app icon on your device. This is the gray icon and it will appear like gears.
  • Now on the top of the setting app, you have to click on “User name” and this will help you access your iCloud as well as Apple ID settings.
  • In the next step, you will click on “iCloud” to get access to iCloud settings.
  • Now in the iCloud section, you have to scroll down to get the “iCloud Backup” and now tap on it.
  • Then toggled ON position for ‘iCloud Backup’.
  • Now you have to click on the “Back Up Now” and this will immediately start your iCloud backup to your device.
  • And Now, wait until the iCloud backup gets completed.

Well, to back up your data to iCloud is not at all tedious. It needs just a few tips to get started.

Is an iCloud backup secure for you?


We always worried about security and Backup iPhone to iCloud provide you with full assurance of it. Apple provides this storage service to you to iCloud backup all your data from your iPhone or iPad.

Undoubtedly, backup iPhone to iCloud will help you by making a copy of your data and store it to the iCloud for your later use. You can restore it and also if you want to set up a new device then you do Backup iPhone to iCloud anytime.

Apple assured you security because it is connected with your Apple ID and you can use it without any issue related to your security. You can iCloud backup all data to it and by default, you will get 5 GB space for storage. If you want more storage space then you have to buy it.


When does the iPhone or iPad backup to iCloud?


Now I am sure that you want to know that when does your device will backup data to iCloud. The simple answer if you have enabled iCloud backups on your device then it will automatically do this to your device anytime when your device is getting charged and when it has wi-fi connection available.

It means that whenever you are not using your device or iPhone then it will automatically back up your data to iCloud. It will not cause any hindrance to you. Additionally, if you want manual backup then you can start it anytime according to your choice to iCloud.


How long do iCloud backups from iOS Devices take to Complete?



The speed of completing your iCloud backups will depend upon four or five facts that include internet speed, size of data that you need to back up, recent backup and on the available stuff on your iPad or iPhone.

Always remember that when you backup then it means that you are transferring data from iPhone to iCloud. So, it’s important that the speed of your internet should be fast while backing up your data.

If you want to use this backup system then always keep in mind that you should use high-speed broadband internet. All rural users can drop this idea of backing up data. In that case, you people can use iTunes to back up your data.


Is backing up to iCloud the same on all iOS versions?


Yes, the entire modern version will allow you to use cloud backups. But there is little difference between modern as well as prior versions that you need to know.

In the new versions, you will access the iCloud setting on your iOS device behind the user name. But in the prior versions, iOS iCloud settings have different section rather than tucking behind your user name on iOS.


Can I backup Multiple iOS Devices to the Same iCloud account?


If you are wondering that if you could back up your multiple iOS devices with your single iCloud account then my answer is yes. You can use the same iCloud account for your iPad or iPhone or several iOS devices.

But there is one single problem of storage capacity that can bother you.  All the users who own multiple devices have to pay a monthly fee to get the larger data storage plan to enjoy securing your data.

However, there is default free 5 GB space available for you but it is inadequate for your iPad or iPhone devices.


Why Backup to iCloud at all?


If you want to follow easier, secure as well as convenient way to back up your data then Back up iPhone to iCloud is undoubtedly best.

This will help you to assure yourself that now you are not going to lose your contacts, photos, personal data, and any notes from your iPad or iPhone.

If you people need to recover or restore your data then restore it from the iCloud backup. If you are thinking of buying a new iPad and iPhone and don’t want to lose your previous data then iCloud Backup is best for yours.

Always make sure that iCloud Backup is enabled and also before updating iOS software backup your device to secure your previous data.


How to Restore your Device from an iCloud backup?



All the iPhone and iPad users can use the iCloud backup to restore your device completely. You people just need to follow some easy steps to go ahead and these steps are as follows:

  1. To start the process first you have to on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. And To start the restoring process you need to remove all the content if you set up your device already.
  3. To follow the instructions tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  4. You need to sign in with your Apple ID to iCloud.
  5. Now you can choose a backup.  Now you have to check the date and size before picking it up. When you will choose it then your transfer will get the start. If there will be need of the new version of iOS then you can follow onscreen steps to update it.
  6. After this when you will be asked to sign in with Apple ID then you need to follow this to restore apps as well as purchases. If you forgot your password of Apple ID then you need to skip this step and can sign in later.
  7. You should stay connected and wait until the process gets The time taken will depend upon the size and speed of your internet. It can take a few minutes to get completed. If there is no internet access then your process will get paused.
  8. Your process of restoring may take hours or days to get completed and it will depend upon the size of information. The process will work in the background if the internet connection is available.

Bottom Line


Backup iPhone to iCloud is a very good habit to secure your data to later use. It will help to make a copy of your data and store it in case if you lose it in the future. This is the easy way that can help you to manage your personal data.

This method is encrypted and secured by default. You people have to use Apple ID to use this. If your internet connection is fast then this is the best way to backup data. So, you can avoid all cumbersome processes to backup data and switch to this method.




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