How To Put Google Invisible reCAPTCHA To Your Website ?

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Invisible reCAPTCHA




It’s always very annoying when sites ask for your real identity that you are humans or bots. There are many sites that show some specific characters, numbers, and some maths problems to differentiate between humans and bots. Google invisible reCAPTCHA is also available for a background check in one click. But still, you cannot say that it is not infuriating.

In 2016 the company came up with the Invisible reCAPTCHA to make it less frustrating for users from previous versions. With this web, developers can skip the step of forcing users to prove their identity.

This captcha is totally invisible to the users that are not suspicious. But bots and other users that are suspicious have to go through this step for the safety of the website.

To prevent hackers and spammers from your WordPress website you need Invisible reCAPTCHA protection.

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Importance Of CAPTCHAs And reCAPTCHA’s


These CAPTCHAs and reCAPTCHAs are very important for security and prevention from hackers and spammers. All the web developers need the help of the Captchas and reCaptchas to save the websites from bots and malicious activities.

If your WordPress website is not protected with this then it is prone to the spammer and suspicious activities. So, all the web developers should make their website well equipped to avoid any serious problem.

These options can be beneficial for users and developers. Actually, you can say that this the best way to stay away from the malicious activities or bots.

This form of security can save you from all the attackers or spammers that can harm your website at any time. Web developers should always keep their security in their mind while developing any website. The invisible reCaptcha is an improved version from the previous Captchas.

It is the updated one that is less infuriating for the users. This will only show to the people who are performing suspicious activities on your website.

This technology is using machine learning and risk analysis for a better result. After invisible reCAPTCHA, Google came up with its new technology that is called reCAPTCHA v3.

This is more convenient for the users as compared to others. You can also read here about it for more information.


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How Does Invisible Recaptcha Work For WordPress?


WordPress is the favorite target for hackers always. It is popular and this is the reason many attackers attract toward it. So, for you, its security and safety should always be the first priority.

When you are running any website then it should be secure otherwise hackers can easily get access to it. It is necessary to prevent hackers and spammers or attackers to intrude in your website.

One way we can suggest you that protect your website with reCaptchas and avoid bots.

These will help you to differentiate between humans and bots. You will get confirmation easily with these reCapatachas that someone who is trying to log in to your website is bot or human.

For many people, this is always an annoying step because they have to recognize different text and images. But if you also want to help users to make them feel less annoyance then you can use invisible reCaptcha.

This will not visible for the users those are not suspicious. Here we are going to help that how you can do installation and configuration of invisible reCaptcha to increase the security and prevent spammers to WordPress.

further, this will help to enhance the overall security of your website. With this, you can also stay calm without the worry of any fake signups as well.



Invisible reCAPTCHA For WordPress


Google Invisible reCAPTCHA in word press can be visible to the suspicious human and bots. If the user is not suspicious then there is no need for this annoying step as well.

This reCAPTCHA has amazing features that you should know and these are as follows:

  • It will provide Login form protection from bots and spammers.
  • It will provide Registration form protection
  • It will also provide Comments form protection
  • It will provide Forgot Password protection
  • It will provide Product Review protection


Installation And Configuration


  • Navigate to Plugins
  • Add New
  • Search for Google Invisible reCAPTCHA
  • The first step is to install them and activate the plugins. The second step will be the configuration of plugins on your website. To complete this step you have to go to Settings on your website.  To proceed further site key and secret keys are necessary.


  • You have to go through the authentication process to get site key and secret key.  These keys are the requirement in the process. Authenticate your website is necessary for this step.


  • Now you have to type for your reCaptcha in the Label and then you will get three options.
  • From these three options, you have to choose for invisible reCAPTCHA.  After this, you have to enter the website’s Domain name and then you can proceed by clicking Register.


  • When you will complete your registration then you will get the Site Key and Secret key in a new page. Now to go further you have to enter these keys on the setting tab.


Settings For WordPress Protection


Now you are ready for the settings of WordPress protection. So, you have click on WordPress that is given below the setting option. After this, you can select all the pages where you want Invisible reCAPTCHA security.

It totally depends upon you that which pages you will select. When you will click on WordPress then you will get four options and you have to click on them and then you can save changes.

These options include

  • Login form protection
  • Registration form protection
  • Comments form protection
  • Forgot password form protection.


Settings For WooCommerce Protection


Below the option of the WordPress, there is the option of WooCommerce protection. In WooCommerce protection also you will get options for all the types of protection that include

  • Login form protection,
  • Registration form protection,
  • Lost password form protection,
  • Reset password form protection,
  • Product review form protection.

You can choose any of them that suit you the most. After choosing options you can save changes. This will surely help you to enhance your WordPress protection.


Settings For Ultra Community Protection


This is the other protection that you need for your community website. When you will use this option then you will get protection for your registration as well as login pages.

When you will click on UltraCommunity protection then you will get to options below that include:

  • Enable login form protection
  • Enable Registration form protection

You have to click on these options to get the protection for these pages from the spammers and hackers. After this, you can save changes. This is the best way to prevent your websites from suspicious users.


Settings For BuddyPress Protection




In invisible reCAPTCHA settings other option you will get BuddyPress protection settings. This is for the forum website. You can manage them with the help of this. From this, you will get protection for the registration pages.

When you will choose BuddyPress Protection then you will get one option below that includes Enable registration form protection. After clicking on it you can proceed further by save changes.


Settings For Contact Forms Protection




This is the other important option you will get in the invisible reCAPTCHA settings. This option is available for the contact pages and gravity forms pages.

When you will click on Contact forms protection settings then you will get three options below shown in the image.




After all these settings you will get the reCAPTCHA badge to the corner of the login page for the protection from the spammers and hackers.

To get this badge you need to configure this for the required pages. As you know that if it will recognize the user as human then it will not show any Invisible reCAPTCHA challenge to the user.

But if the user is recognized as bot then reCAPTCHA challenge will appear. The badge you will be seen at the corner of the page means that your page is safe and protected with reCaptcha.

If you want to change the position of the reCAPTCHA badge then you can also change it. You have to go to the settings of the plugin to make changes.




Now after getting that how you can configure invisible reCAPTCHA for the WordPress website you are ready to use this protection. This is a hassle-free service that you get easily after following some simple steps.

This is necessary for all the web developers to make their website fully equipped to protect it from the hackers and spammers.

There are other captchas also available to avoid problems and make the website safe. But after the arrival of Invisible reCAPTCHA people are feeling less annoying.

This will not appear to the users that are considered as humans being. So, they don’t need to follow this challenge.

But all the users that indulge in some suspicious activities and are bots have to follow this challenge of reCAPTCHA for the safety.


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